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How we hold ourselves back from success

How We Hold Ourselves Back From Success

For many, success in life and business feels like a pipe dream reserved for the lucky few. I know because I’ve sat that on that chair. For years, I bore witness to my own inaction at pursuing my aspirations to start my own business. Unwilling to follow my calling to help others improve their life, […]

How to convert leads into paying clients

How To Convert Leads Into Paying Clients

There was a look of distrust on my face. And, it wasn’t pretty. You know when you receive an unsolicited email that makes your lips curl? Last week, I received one from an advertising agency that ticked all the boxes of how NOT to communicate – with me at least. Firstly, I did not know […]

How to know which programs and offerings to sell

How To Know Which Programs And Offerings To Sell

You know when your loved ones take you out to dinner to celebrate a special occasion and the resulting food poisoning steals the show? That happened to me this week. The unpleasant culinary experience knocked me out for two days. It wasn’t a complete disaster, though. As with everything that life presents us, we have […]

How to attract clients to your coaching business

How To Attract Clients To Your Coaching Business

There’s a common phrase used by many coaches that’s been showing up in every piece of my research lately, and I believe it’s the most paralyzing phrase for business. That phrase is: “Get more clients.” Here’s the thing… Though having a tribe of happy clients is a common goal of most coaches, ‘get more clients’ […]

how to help others when your own life is a train wreck

How To Help Others When Your Own Life Is A Train Wreck

Are you someone who believes your life has to be picture perfect first, before you can help others with their life challenges, for fear of feeling like a fraud?   I can relate.   As someone who likes to have his life in order and his facts straight, I’m deeply familiar with the temptation to […]

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