How To Increase Your Energy

How To Increase Your Energy

A few years ago, I was in a rut and it wasn’t pretty. I worked long hours in the corporate world in a job that no longer served me and played hard to compensate. The cycle was ‘text book’ – keep going, get ahead, don’t complain, don’t show weakness, numb out and repeat. We’ve all […]

How To Overcome Client Objections

How To Overcome Client Objections

I was sitting in the library in Amsterdam. My palms were sweaty and I remember feeling that my head was spinning. You see, I had just decided to hold my first client event about 2 weeks prior — and as luck would have it, during a livestream workshop, I came across a mentor who could […]

How To Balance Your Big Heart With Earning A Living

How To Balance Your Big Heart With Earning A Living

Can you relate?   You feel the weight on your shoulders. You’re responsible for being both the creative genius and the business genius of your career.   Meaning, you have to add value (your writing, social media posts, newsletter, webinars, trainings, ________ fill in the blank).   AND…   You’ve also got to make offers, prospect calls, […]

How to create killer offers that sell

10 Ways To Create Killer Offers That Sell, My Cat Taught Me

My furry friend Tiger may no longer be with us, but his attention-grabbing legacy lives on 😉 Whether it’s a tail brushing our leg or the sound of a new email, the world around us is at war for our attention. Our customers face the same daily onslaught of information overload from the media at large. […]

How To Attract Your target Audience

How To Attract Your Target Audience

Last week, I got a lovely surprise. Someone emailed me to say they were delighted to have found my website. My first thought was, “Hmm, that’s odd. I haven’t promoted my website recently.” Turns out they found me because I got a shout out from someone else. Specifically, a lady who had shared my Facebook […]


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