Attract The Right Clients

10-Video Course

Attract the clients you love to work with, who recognize the value you offer and gladly invest in your services.

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VIDEO #1. Who am I and what do I do?

In this video, you'll discover what truly lights you up. You'll also learn how you can truly be yourself and let others see who you really are, without playing a role. And, you'll align your strengths and your uniqueness to differentiate yourself in the crowded market.

VIDEO #2. Why do I do what I do?

To sustain our business over the long term, we need a more heart-centered reason to stay motivated and in the game. We need to be clear our reasons for running our own business. In today's video, I show you how.

VIDEO #3. What is my revenue goal?

We can't build a thriving coaching business on a heart-centered mentality alone and you can't make business decisions on it. In today's video, I show you how to define goals to sustain your business and make it profitable.

VIDEO #4. Who is my ideal client?

Today, I explain why trying to help everyone, is really helping no one at all. If you promote your message at random, it won't hit home nor connect with anybody. You'll learn how to define your ideal client, so that your message is always heard by the right target market you want to attract to your business.

VIDEO #5. What am I offering?

I see many coaches and healers making generic offers, based on what the think the clients want, instead of what the client truly needs. The result? No sales and disappointment. In this video, I explain how to create irresistible offers to suit all budgets.

VIDEO #6. My elevator pitch

In this video, we put together the things that light you up, why you do what you do and your offering. Your pitch is your beacon to attract clients, your guide to stay focused and the driving force for your decision-making.

VIDEO #7. Create opportunities

Today, we explore where you might be leaving opportunities on the table for your business. I offer tips and strategies to find and implement them in your business.

VIDEO #8 Do I dare to say I'm the best?

In this video, we examine why modesty and humility are beautiful characteristics, but not if we want to create a successful coaching business. To truly succeed, we need the courage to express our talents and capabilities. Today, I show you how.

VIDEO #9. How is my commitment?

Being a good coach in not enough to build a thriving coaching business. Success lies in a million other different things that equally matter and make the difference between having clients and not having clients. In today's video, we ask 'Would you hire you?'

VIDEO #10. Am I focused enough?

In this final video, you'll learn why being competent at what you do is one thing, but staying focused to do the work is something different all together. Your ability to stay focus is the key ingredient to success in life and business. Today, I share my strategies on how to stay focused.

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