Freedom Of Mind for Beginners & Beyond Meditation Techniques by JJ 

10 unique meditations to release stress and create a confident soul:
  • Freedom. undue outside influences and mind control, create calmness and peace within your body, mind, heart & spirit.
  • Fill your cup. Learn the techniques to "make the world go away" (for a couple of minutes) to restore your energy. 
  • Fabulously Fierce. Be confident & courageous. Enjoy your meditations and get back to your awesome busy life feeling vibrantly happy and on top of your game. 
  • Easy to apply, anywhere, anytime! For beginners & beyond this Meditation Album is perfect. Practice is the key and remember: "When Oprah has time to meditate YOU have time to meditate." 

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Lesley Ramsden Callow, Life Coach

"JJ is a soul energy. He brings with him such a nurturing, caring and supporting energy. His meditations and yoga-exercises every morning have been enlightening and uplifting and certainly helped me to settle the energy, focus for the day and create the right atmosphere to learn."

About the Creator: JJ van Zon

JJ works as a Spiritual Coach. Due to his own experience with depression and addiction he's the best mentor to coach you to a balanced, healthy and fun life. In India he was trained by the best teachers in Yoga & Meditation and become a teacher himself. Many students enjoy JJ's new purpose, balancing calmness & freedom in their awesome busy lives. 

What People Are Saying

Renate Jute,  Financial Coach

“You give so much of yourself and I truly believe when your hands are open from giving, you're open to receive. And you just portray that the whole time ”

Yolande Olhaus,Director of PL Consulting

"I love this meditation JJ....great start to my day. Thank you!"

10 Guided Meditation Techniques To Release Stress And Live A Fulfilled Life

Stress doesn't even stand a chance when you learn how to create space in your mind & make authentic decisions.

A fulfilled life is a life where there's less conflict and suffering, because you found the tools to respond to resistance in a compassionate way. 

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"Fabulous, the best, naughty, positive energy, very special role and skill.." Check out more what people say about working with JJ”

10 Easy-To-Apply Guided Meditations That Will Support You Living The Life You Want

- Release Stress 

- Raise Your Confidence

- On Top Of Your Game

- Vibrantly Healthy

- Make Authentic Decisions

ps. Your Skin Will Look Awesome ;-)