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Fulfillment is inspiration in action and the joy at the recognition.

In my career, I’ve had my fair share of good appraisals. But there was once one appraisal that really stank.

The truth is I wasn’t very well suited for the job. Intuitively, I’d chosen work that I thought I should be doing, rather than work that aligned with the way I like to use my brain, as a mentor to motivator.

The result was that I settled for a work beneath my full potential, which chipped at my self-esteem over time. Eventually, I felt like a robot reacting to the world around it. I was suffocating in lackluster.

This appraisal was the wake up call.

I learned to focus on my strengths in order to make progress.

Jon Kabat-Zinn, founder of the training: mindfulness based stress reduction (MBSR) says, “It’s about living life as if every moment really matters. In this way mindfulness becomes meaningful to the quality of our existence.”

Today, I derive my sense of fulfillment not from an outer condition but from an inner constant through the practice of daily meditation. I call it my little mindful appraisal.

Each morning, for 15 minutes, I sit quietly on my meditation cushion and use a meditation app to keep the time so I can be fully present in the moment.

As the meditation begins, I repeat 3 questions quietly to myself:

What should I do next?
Whom should I talk to?
And what should I say?

Then I get still and observe my thoughts for inspiration and guidance.

“I connect to the energy of creation that is always a part of me. I am the silence.” – What I Know for Sure by Oprah Winfrey.

I pay attention as thoughts come and go without attaching myself to them. Sometimes I feel peace and serenity that shows me I’m on the right track. Other times, I get a flash of insight that shows me the next step to take.

Cultivating our full potential through the stillness of meditation is a radical gesture of self-love and the essence of modern spirituality.

Reading this, you may find it a little “way out there” or you may simply not have the time or inclination for meditation. Know, that I know that. I’ve been there. That said, why not give it a try for a week and see what works for you before you make up your mind completely?

It took me forty years of striving for validation to realize that it is already in me. Meditation has become my internal resource for inspiration and clarity. And isn’t that a beautiful state of being.

Love Carl,

PS: If during meditation you find yourself flying through clouds, dancing with pixies or riding on unicorns, well that’s fine too. Maybe it’s inspiration for that book you’ve always wanted to write 😉