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Can you relate?


You feel the weight on your shoulders. You’re responsible for being both the creative genius and the business genius of your career.


Meaning, you have to add value (your writing, social media posts, newsletter, webinars, trainings, _____________fill in the blank).




You’ve also got to make offers, prospect calls, marketing, sales pages, courses, coaching to make sure more paying business keeps coming in.


Starting out as a one-man shop, this is something I wrestled with for years. Even now that I collaborate with amazing peers and virtual assistants, it’s still a balance that’s tough to strike.


If you’re struggling to balance your big heart with earning a living, today’s video is for you.


Watch and learn the value circle to guide your prospects from free content into your paid programs:



Step 1: Understand the value circle.


Step 2: How can money help us to serve our customer?


Step 3: The difference between free value and paid value?


Once you’ve had a chance to watch, I’d love to know…


Have you ever struggled to balance your big heart with earning a living? What specific strategies help you strike that balance?


Add a comment below. I’m excited to hear your perspective on this one.


Thank you, as always, for reading, watching and sharing with such enthusiasm!


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