How to convert leads into paying clients

How To Convert Leads Into Paying Clients

There was a look of distrust on my face.

And, it wasn’t pretty.

You know when you receive an unsolicited email that makes your lips curl?

Last week, I received one from an advertising agency that ticked all the boxes of how NOT to communicate – with me at least.

Firstly, I did not know the sender. Neither an introduction nor explanation was offered for how he’d found me.

There were, however, three paragraphs about the benefits of his offering.

Big yawn!

Here’s what was missing…

The email was void of compassion and interest in my business and me.

There was no attempt to connect.

It was a hard sell.

And, it left me cold.

Here’s the truth.

No one likes to be sold to.

The fact is, we listen to and trust more, those who care about us.

In today’s episode of CarlBTV, I share a sincere and effective 3-step method to convert leads into paying clients in a way that first connects you with your audience through genuine understanding and empathy.

Too often, I see incredible offerings that solve a very real pain point, only to fall on deaf ears because of the failure to first connect compassionately with the audience.

When we forgo on genuine caring, we miss the opportunity to connect and help others to achieve their desired outcomes.

How do you show you genuinely care? I’d love to hear your tips and strategies for connecting in order to convert leads into paying clients.

Let me know in the comments below.

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Carl Brooks


  1. Thanks Carl,

    These are skills that I am lacking, I haven’t yet managed to convert any leads into a paying client, your video makes it sound very straightforward, there’s probably more to it or maybe going into this deeper


    • Hi Richard, Thank you for your comment. Converting clients is indeed an important skill to have and easy to learn. I have 6 week one-on-one Convert-Clients Program. You come away with a complete tailored enrolment script with all the steps guide your clients into your paid programs (for life). Are you interested? If so, let me know by email to and we’ll set up a call to share more details of the program. Warm regards, Carl

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