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My computer crashed three times during the live online workshop called “Facebook Ads Unleashed”, last week.

For many, it’s reason enough to avoid hosting online events.

I used to me one of them.

These days, I’m in my element when jumping in and getting my feet dirty.

Clearly, I’m an Aries.

The beauty of live workshops is that, when technical glitches happen, we get to show our humanity, composure and problem solving ability.

The audience is subconsciously testing our resolve.

Over the years, I’ve attended hundreds of live workshops and observed how different hosts handle themselves under tech pressure.

The truth is, tech is a lot of more savvy and stable then it was 10 years ago.

We can host a live webinar, upload an online course and broadcast live on Facebook, all at the touch of a button.

There really is no excuse not to host live events any more.

For timid coaches and creatives, perhaps that is the scariest part of all.

But, there is hope at hand with practical steps, from my own experience and observations, to handle and tech challenges at live events:

  1. Before you start your event, be sure to communicate a Facebook page that people can go to for moretion in case of a tech issue.
  2. Give yourself 2-5 minutes to resolve it. I’ve found that if the problem persists, it may be best to stop and reschedule the event for another time. Generally, people are forgiving and will empathize when you communicate openly with resolve.
  3. If an issue occurs, choose curiosity above fear. Studies have shown that curiosity and fear cannot be present in the mind at the same time.
  4. Stay calm and collected, while you problem solve and try to fix the issue.
  5. If you’re speaking into a microphone, check that your audience can hear you. If so, calmly state what is happening and thank them for their patience while you attend to it. Alternatively, post the nature of the issue on your Facebook page, event chat box or send a quick email to those who have signed up for your event.

Have you experienced tech issues during live events?

I’d love to hear your take on how you handled them in the comments below.

With love & gratitude,



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