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For many, success in life and business feels like a pipe dream reserved for the lucky few.

I know because I’ve sat that on that chair.

For years, I bore witness to my own inaction at pursuing my aspirations to start my own business.

Unwilling to follow my calling to help others improve their life, I developed a tendency to judge people and blame circumstances.

When that failed to work, I would judge and blame myself.

In turn, my self-deprecation would symptomise as depression, physical aches & pains and a small addiction to Nutella. Yum yum!

I used all these symptoms as an excuse to not take action.

Oh, the sweet seduction of self-pity.

Can you relate?

The fact is there’s just one thing that holds us back from following our calling and building our dream life…


Or rather, how we let fear control the direction of our life.

Fear is cultivated through our upbringing, culture and self-image for what we believe we are capable and worthy of.

Thoughts that fuel of fear and hold us back are often called limiting beliefs or paradigms.

Here are some common examples:

– I don’t feel ready / it’s not the right time
– I don’t have the time or money
– If it’s meant to be I’ll get a sign
– I’m not good / smart / rich / qualified / [fill in the blank ___________] enough

Giving in to these limiting beliefs is what holds us back from taking action towards our goals and ultimate success in life and business.

In today’s episode of CarlBTV, I share four empowering thoughts that dissolve limiting beliefs and help you achieve anything in life and business.

Fear and success are two sides of the same coin. We can’t have one without the other.

In fact, from the right perspective, fear is a great motivator and a trustworthy compass that tells us we’re right where we should be; as all growth comes from overcoming the things we’re most afraid of.

What do you do to overcome your fears and make massive progress? I’d love to hear your tips and strategies for healthy fear management.

Let me know in the comments below.

With love & gratitude,



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