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How to attract clients to your coaching business

How To Attract Clients To Your Coaching Business

There’s a common phrase used by many coaches that’s been showing up in every piece of my research lately, and I believe it’s the most paralyzing phrase for business. That phrase is: “Get more clients.” Here’s the thing… Though having a tribe of happy clients is a common goal of most coaches, ‘get more clients’ […]

how to help others when your own life is a train wreck

How To Help Others When Your Own Life Is A Train Wreck

Are you someone who believes your life has to be picture perfect first, before you can help others with their life challenges, for fear of feeling like a fraud?   I can relate.   As someone who likes to have his life in order and his facts straight, I’m deeply familiar with the temptation to […]

How to stop procrastinating and move forward

How To Stop Procrastinating And Move Forward

Have you noticed how some people lack focus and discipline to get the job done, while others churn out task after task – seemingly with little effort? What’s their secret? As a lover of both bright and shiny distractions that often tempt me off task, I’m fascinated by the art of getting things done, and it’s big payoff – […]

The one where Will Aylward Interviews Carl Brooks

The One Where Will Aylward Interviews Carl Brooks

Butterflies in my tummy for this one. Recently, I had the honour to be interviewed by outstanding life coach, Will Aylward. Will is a fellow Englishman who, like me, has moved to mainland Europe and has a growing following around the world. In fact, since attending my Wealthy Coach Retreat in Tuscany last October, Will […]

How to convert leads into paid clients

How To Convert Leads Into Paid Clients

In a world that is becoming more and more crowded with experts, gurus, coaches and consultants, one thing is certain… Most won’t make it. The top 2% is hugely successful, the next 8% earns a lot of money, the next 10% earns a decent living and the bottom 80% continues to struggle for years with […]

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