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How To Convert Leads Into Paying Clients

There was a look of distrust on my face. And, it wasn’t pretty. You know when you receive an unsolicited email that makes your lips curl? Last week, I received one from an advertising agency that ticked all the boxes of how NOT to communicate - with me at least....

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How To Know Which Programs And Offerings To Sell

You know when your loved ones take you out to dinner to celebrate a special occasion and the resulting food poisoning steals the show? That happened to me this week. The unpleasant culinary experience knocked me out for two days. It wasn’t a complete disaster, though....

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How To Attract Clients To Your Coaching Business

There’s a common phrase used by many coaches that’s been showing up in every piece of my research lately, and I believe it’s the most paralyzing phrase for business. That phrase is: “Get more clients.” Here’s the thing… Though having a tribe of happy clients is a...

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