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How To Convert Leads Into Paid Clients

In a world that is becoming more and more crowded with experts, gurus, coaches and consultants, one thing is certain... Most won’t make it. The top 2% is hugely successful, the next 8% earns a lot of money, the next 10% earns a decent living and the bottom 80%...

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How To Be Different In A Saturated Market

Do you ever find yourself asking questions like... "What do I have to offer as a coach?" Or... "There are so many other coaches and creative entrepreneurs out there. How can I compete? Or thinking thoughts like: "Others have so many more followers or likes than I do,...

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How To Start Building Your Own Business

Does this resonate with you? For many, starting their own business can be a daunting prospect. The question of where to begin and whether they have the capability, holds them back right from taking the first steps and the steps that follow. Let’s face it; fear is the...

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