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Three end of year must-do things

Three End Of Year Must-Do Things

Holy Jingle Bells! It’s December. We’re in the home stretch of the year. For many, this particular trip around the sun has been a turbulent one. The chances are you have a few achievements to smile and cheer about. And, a few setbacks to clench and frown about. Though many may be quick to dismiss […]

5 surprising reasons to narrow your market

5 Surprising Reasons To Narrow Your Market

Do you ever feel like you’re not attracting clients — to the point that you’re frustrated? Many years ago, I sat on that same chair. I was a starter coach and I didn’t enjoy the following I do now. In fact, it felt like I was climbing a mountain. It was a feeling that no […]

why hard work is not enough to succeed and what else you need

Why Hard Work Isn’t Enough To Succeed And What Else You Need

Do you feel like your work isn’t paying off? Naturally, we all want to feel like whatever we’re devoting the vast majority of our time and energy to, day after day, year after year, makes some kind of positive difference to others. Here’s the thing. I’ve found that if it only took hard work and […]

why so many entrepreneurs give up and what to do about it

Why So Many Entrepreneurs Give Up And What To Do About It

Do you ever feel like your life or business isn’t moving as fast as you’d like? It can feel stressful and frustrating when you’re following all the steps to success: staying focused, disciplined and consistent. But, after all your effort — you’ve got little to show for it. No major wins. No lasting results. We’ve […]

how to generate $5k per month with coaching

How To Generate $5K Per Month With Coaching

Can you relate? The responsibility is on your shoulders. Your business asks you to be both the creative genius and the CEO of your career. As a business owner, you have to create the actual work (your communication, emails, ideas, designs, programs, _____________fill in the blank). AND You also have to think about networking, contracts, […]

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