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Why I drink green smoothies (and you should, too!)

This is a challenge to improve health and self-esteem.

These are two of the most powerful things to experience for a balanced and fulfilled life.


And how can we use both to make an impact in our lives to improve:

How much energy we have.

How connected we are to our feelings.

How enthusiastic we live our lives.

We know from dietary advice that when our body is acidic from sweetened food, alcohol, meat, dairy and coffee it can cause hormone imbalance, stress, weight retention bad indigestion and so on.

We restore balance with alkaline foods including vegetables (especially green leaf ones), seeds and herbs.

So, the challenge is this – if a healthy body and feeling good are going to be driving forces in your life, make sure you act on it.

The thing I tell people is, “make sure that you are regularly eating things that you know your body will appreciate.” Ask yourself:

What would I love to eat to be healthier?

How could healthy food choices bring more meaning to my life?

When you get that self-esteem is about esteeming both your mind and your body, you get the purpose of a healthy lifestyle.

When you experience how you use things like coffee, alcohol and sweetened food to suppress negative emotions, it opens your eyes to corners of your spirit that need a little more care and attention.

The truth is, choosing a health diet is about self-love.

Are you up for a 7-day cleanse challenge?

There are different types of cleanses “out there”. Some last for many weeks while others require you note and everything you eat & drink. The problem is that these cleanses are complex to carry out and take up a lot of time.

I’ve made one below for you that is short and simple. This way you stay out of overwhelm. A cleanse should be fun.

The other great thing about the 7-day cleanse challenge is that it’s scalable. If you’re getting good results such as losing weight, being more energized and sleeping better, then you can extend the duration of the cleanse if you wish. Be my guest.

Here are the 4 steps of the 7-day cleanse challenge:

1. Stop eating highly acidic foods like coffee, alcohol, meat, dairy and sugar (including dried and sweet fruits like pineapple and mango).

2. Start eating more alkaline foods like green leaf vegetables, seeds and herbs with your meals. Tip: make green vegetable smoothies and drink two glasses twice a day.

3. Add a daily multi-vitamin and probiotic tablet as well as a digestive enzyme tablet with every meal. You can buy these at most health food stores.

4. Drink plenty of distilled water and add a piece of lemon to make it more alkaline.

I’m always thinking about my brand and my business: How can I challenge myself to be better at writing, speaking, making videos or coaching clients? How can I challenge myself to be the best and healthiest I can be?

These questions fire me up, excite and motivate me to live healthily each day. They keep me charged to ‘Boost My Life’.

Want to know more about healthy food choices? Check out these books:

The pH Miracle Robert O. Young –
CrazySexyDiet by Kris Carr –

Like this? Please share this challenge with your friends so that you and your loved ones can have fun together with this health cleanse challenge today!


Carl Brooks

Business Growth Coach

Cover image: William Warby