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How To Build Your Brand With Social Media


As a rule, if I have a good idea, I’ll run with it and figure out how to do it on the fly. My star sign is Aries…we tend to dive straight in and think later.


Good or bad…it’s how I run my shop. And, it keeps me moving forward in my business. Amen to that!


This time I may have bitten off more than I can chew.


I’ve been down in the trenches creating, promoting and executing the 10-Day Business Clarity Challenge.


I’ve run workshops, group coaching and retreats before. But a 10-day challenge is new for me.


During preparation, I stocked up on ginger tea, dark chocolate and fruit smoothies. I locked the door to my office to write the emails and videos and I even closed Facebook in my browser (oh sweet relief), as so not to be distracted.


Here’s what I’ve learned so far. Besides serving and supporting my tribe with valuable content, I’ve found that creating a challenge is an incredibly way to connect with my audience and build my brand.


And on a personally level, the challenge allows me to exercise my expertise and self-trust that I can deliver what I promise. Bingo!


Do you want to connect with your audience, but you notice a lack of engagement and responses? I totally get it. I’ve been there. It’s frustrating when our heartfelt message doesn’t appear to have any impact. I see far too many coaches and healers speaking to their audience. The truth is, few people like to be spoken to. It creates distance between you and your audience.


To build your brand you need to create a supportive experience for your ideal client.


Here’s how:


1. Create a profile of your ideal client

Research and define the story and journey of your ideal client. A good starting point is our own journey. I’ve found that we are often our best client. Show empathy for her struggles. Let her know that you’ve been where she is, you’ve felt what she has felt and you’ve found a way to overcome the obstacles, push through and reach your goal. And with you help, she can too!


2. Choose your platform

Where does your ideal client spend time on the internet? For example, is she on Facebook, LinkedIn, Snapchat or somewhere else? Where does she find answers to her questions? Which questions does she ask that you can answer? Don’t just speak to her. Embrace reciprocity and reply to her comments and questions.


3. Start a conversation around a common struggle of your ideal client

Show your understanding of the issues your ideal client faces. Connect with her emotionally by expressing the pain or difficult she feels. Share your own journey through said struggle and the step-by-step process you followed took to overcome them. Includes tips, strategies to overcome fears, offer solutions and avoid common mistakes. Help her believe that she can do anything.


4. Attract or repel

I hate to be the one to break it to you, but you can’t please everyone. Neither should you want to. The fact is, there are people who are attracted to you, your message and your energy and there are those who couldn’t care less. Is this problem? No! We want to build an audience of qualified leads. These are you tribe; the ones who are open and willing to let you into their inbox and newsfeed and benefit from your understanding, knowledge and expertise. To connect and retain your audience, be sure to mix up your valuable content with the reality of the not so pretty side of your business.


5. Challenge your audience

It may be no surprise to learn that we all like a challenge – particularly one that is attainable and fun. Creating the 10-day business clarity challenge has allowed me to practice organizing my thoughts into easy to follow steps, promote the challenge on social media and support the participants to complete the tasks and achieve their desired outcome.

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With joy & gratitude,

– Carl

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