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The Quitter’s Cure


We all face moments in life when there are mountains to climb.


Be it disappointment, heartbreak, illness, loss or unprovoked tragedy (like the recent bombings in Orlando, Istanbul and Baghdad), we feel the hurt in our hearts and the weight in our minds for the hard journey ahead. It saddens me that most of us are not equipped to handle these difficult times or endure the impact they have on our spirit, intellect and feelings.


Last week, my dear friends Paula & Carles joined me and my hubby in sunny Monserrat, Spain for the 90 minutes mountain climb.


We set our intention to increase our resilience to life’s challenges, no matter how hard the path. We believe that by overcoming physical obstacles together, we can strengthen our resolve to push through in life and in business – the four of us are entrepreneurs.


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If you’re someone who loves a challenge, like us, then this is a must read. Even if you’re not, our take on teamwork and mental strength will help you with the motivational mindset to get any job done.
A few highlights form our climb include:

  • How to support someone who is struggling with negative thoughts.
  • Why going it alone doesn’t work and what to do instead
  • How to reconcile negative self-talk.
  • Best practices for boosting moral.

Read the complete list of our insights for your life and business below:

  • As entrepreneurs, we saw the climb as an exercise to build our endurance. Agreement on this common intention from the get-go was a great idea. You don’t want to be climbing a mountain with people who aren’t equally motivated. The climb is as much a mental as a physical challenge, requiring teamwork.


  • We’d read that the climb would take us 95 minutes, but we had no idea how rocky, steep, hard or easy the terrain would be. We were detached from any expectations of the path ahead. It felt quite liberating to relinquish control over all the steps ahead and have faith and trust in our ability to work as a team.


  • We naturally took turns in difficult moments to share the responsibility of the leadership role. This was great because we could all exercise initiative to build self-esteem and boost overall team moral.


  • We were well prepared. We had supplies of bottled water, energy boosting watermelon and hand towels to wipe our brows on the way up.


  • To keep the team safely together, we made regular stops to ensure the sprinters among us didn’t get too far ahead and the stragglers not too far behind. These rest periods were essential to replenish energy levels and evaluate the team’s progress – adjusting our tactics as we climbed, rather than having a set plan.


  • For motivation, we offered each other words of encouragement and mental support on our progress. We understood that the success of the team depended on the success of each individual.


  • We focused on each next step ahead, rather than the destination high above us. This way, every step was a small win that bought us closer to the top.


  • When negative self-talk arose in our minds, we expressed it and joked about it as quickly as possible to release the energy before it had chance to chip away at our motivation.


  • It became apparent that those who slipped to the back of the team, due to tiredness, were struggling the most mentally. They felt the most alone and the thought to quit was the strongest. To counter this, we often changed positions during rests.


  • We truly experienced each other’s support as we progressed up the mountain. The support gave us the resilience to overcome negative self-talk and fatigue. As a result, the belief that we really could reach the top was strengthened.

Exactly 95 minutes after setting off, we reached the top of Monserrat with high spirits. The blue skies and green hills of the Catalan countryside lay before us, as we sat side-by-side on a wall to catch our breath and admire the view.
So before you go out and start a business on your own, in the hope that you’ll be lifted up on a gentle breeze, consider the support you’ll need, even if it’s small, and perhaps then you’ll not only climb mountains, you’ll move them.


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Supporting your success,


– Carl

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