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10 Stress Busting Tips To Get More Done In Less Time


For the past few months I’ve been enjoying the mild winter here in The Netherlands. One of the things I love most about living here is the coast. Walking along the beach at sunset with JJ reminds me of how connected I feel to nature.


Often, I stroll out to the surf, soak in some sun and catch the seagulls splashing along the shore.


Lately, I can hardly go a few hundred feet without stopping to smell the refreshing, liberating, ocean air.


Simple moments like these help me stay fully in my body (vs. getting lost in my sometimes crazy-making head!) and strengthen my heart, creativity and intuition.


In our fast-paced world, it’s easy to miss the incredible beauty that’s right in front of us. We’re constantly staring at our little screens or completely lost in thought.


This blog is about getting more done in less time so that we can connect to the magic and wonder that surrounds us all.

Here’s how to get more done in less time:


1. Identify the most productive time 

Our willpower changes throughout the day. Identify the part of the day you’re yours is greatest. My willpower is strongest in the morning. This is when I’m most energized and have the most discipline to stay focused. I keep tasks, which require the least brainpower, for later in the day.


2. Batch activities into themes

I divide my workweek into daily themes, such as blogging, promotion, administration, networking, recording videos). Studies show that staying focused on one theme per day can increase our productivity by up to 40%.


3. Create before consume

Credit to Marie Forleo for reminding us all to start each day creating our work or art, which the world is waiting for. This mindset allows us to take control of how we spend our time and energy; devoting it first to our own creative agenda and then to external sources. If we don’t create, we help nobody.


4. Scrap the To-Do list

Stop writing To-Do lists and plan activities directly in our calendar to ensure they get done. This way, we enjoy the freedom of a clean desk as well as a sense of organization and control. Moreover, we achieve more when our tasks are planned and it is easier to avoid time-wasting distractions.


5. Set a daily priority

Determine the number 1 task or project to complete each day. When we focus our energy to getting this task done first, it sets the tone of accomplishment for the rest of the day.


6. Schedule the workday the night before

Planning our day in advance helps us to identify where we can group activities together and make time to reconnect with our body and creativity. Making time for breaks, lunch and downtime, is a sure way to stay out of overwhelm and to keep energy levels up.


7. Get more sleep

It may sound counter-intuitive, but getting more sleep has been proven to increase productivity and focus during the day. When are willpower is playing catch-up from too little sleep, we may find it increasingly difficult throughout the day to focus and create our best work.


8. Stop distractions

Avoid time wasters. Don’t leave multiple browsers open. I find that my productivity increases dramatically when I close browsers with social media, email and news, and by switching off distracting notifications.


9. Learn to “Just Say No!”

Saying No to others is really saying yes to ourselves. Get in the habit of saying No first until you are certain that your schedule allows it. Better to help others from a heartfelt place of authenticity and accomplishment than from obligation.

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10. Set boundaries

If you work at home, explaining to family and friends that we have work to do and will not be available between the hours of 8-4, but would love to hear from them after that. This way we clearly set our boundaries with a reasonable request that other will understand and respect.

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With joy & gratitude,

– Carl

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About Carl Brooks
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