My furry friend Tiger may no longer be with us, but his attention-grabbing legacy lives on 😉

Whether it’s a tail brushing our leg or the sound of a new email, the world around us is at war for our attention.

Our customers face the same daily onslaught of information overload from the media at large.

The good news is that there’s an opportunity to stand out of the crowd, if you follow the simple triggers below to create killer offers that sell.

I’ve included an example offer for you at the bottom of the page.

But first…

Here are 10 psychological triggers, which when combined, sell your offer like hot cakes!


  1. Pattern Interrupt
  • Grab people’s attention by doing something radically different that stands out of the crowd.
  • Entertain your audience – we all like things that make us smile.
  • Arouse curiosity with opposing or controversial viewpoints.


  1. Demonstration
  • Actions speak louder than words.
  • Nothing beats the power of a good demonstration to show real results.


  1. Critical mass
  • Everyone wants to get on board with a winner.
  • Give your audience reasons to want to like and share your offering.
  • Add a call to action to encourage interaction and engagement.


  1. Scarcity
  • Build scarcity in your launch. For example: limit the number of participants and communicate when registration closes and/or when the special price and bonuses expire.


  1. Community
  • People will act in accordance to how the community expects to act.
  • Turn your business into a community.
  • Determine the rules for interaction.
  • Humans are social creatures.


  1. Authority
  • Teach your topic intelligently. Know that we listen to and respect people with knowledge and control.
  • Share valuable content that transforms your customers from where they are to where they want to be.
  • Present your content on recorded or live video.


  1. Reciprocity
  • If you give something to someone, they’ll want to give it back to you.
  • Give valuable free content consistently to your audience, so that when you’re ready to sell, they’re willing to buy.


  1. Trust
  • Be reliable and consistent. Stick to schedule to deliver your content.
  • Speak and communicate from your values. Customers like to know what you stand for.
  • Be patient with your marketing efforts. Rome wasn’t built in a day.


  1. Likeability
  • Do likeable things such as shining the spotlight on someone else.
  • Be open and share your best insights, knowledge, experiences and lessons learned.


  1. Events / Rituals
  • Events and rituals bring us together and offer a sense of belonging.
  • Inspire customers to connect to something bigger than themselves.


Here’s the example offer I was telling you about:


What If You Could Totally Transform Your Life In Tuscany?


This October, I’ll be walking another group of phenomenal people through the green vineyards and sunflower fields of Tuscany. There, I’ll share my step-by-step blueprint to become a wealthy coach while changing lives, and not have to spend time creating a system on your own. This will be another magnificent 7 days of fun, relaxation and growth…I can feel it. I live for the feeling of changing lives right in front of my eyes. Learn more:


This is my personal invitation for the gorgeous ladies and gents to “let your hair down” and do something BIG for yourself and join me for a super combo of cultural travel and transformation, for a trip of a lifetime in Tuscany, Italy! There’s no better time than TODAY!


This 7 Day Adventure is for you if:

  • You feel like you’re stuck in your business and it’s time to get CLARITY.
  • You LOVE to travel to experience the Mediterranean warm weather and green forest.
  • You’ re ready to take a deep dive into your Soul and Business Growth with a focus on increasing your confidence, impact and prosperity.
  • You are curious about exploring my step by step blueprint to increase your success and spiritual deepening.
  • You are ready to ignite your ability to make a genuine difference in the world and explore SHINING, even more, as the authentic gorgeous being you are.


If you feel a curiosity stirring or butterflies in your belly, then this retreat has your name on it ☺


I’ve created the most cutting-edge and comprehensive training for anyone looking for all the business pieces in one place to get a fast path to earning a living doing what they love, while making a difference in the world.


This is your once-in-a-lifetime, golden opportunity to learn the exact steps I took to go from a corporate day job and zero clients, to a thriving coaching business in less than a year.


We’re also going to connect you with your inner strength through yoga and mediation to build your business confidence and integrate everything you learn. This is the fun and essential inner work that will help you overcome the fear of uncertainty and frustration that most likely is keeping you where you are.


There’s no better place to this, then in magnificent Tuscany!


We’re going to immerse ourselves in Italian culture and local organic Italian cuisine, la dolce vita, without counting calories. I want you to give yourself full permission to enjoy the finer things of life and feel good about it.


You deserve to escape the distractions of every day life, and come with me to build a life and business you love, in an environment of tranquility and bliss.


Spend 7 days in magnificent Tuscany and get my blueprint to create your dream business with a like-minded, big-hearted group at the Eat Pray Learn Tuscany Retreat.


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Carl Brooks


P.S. Don’t let the voice of doubt, or fear hold you back. You can get the time off. You can find a way to afford it. The time is NOW, not later. Life is SHORT, you must take opportunities while they show up in your life.


I am sharing these triggers with you in the hope to inspire you to create killer offers that sell. I am always interested in how people went from zero to six-figures and beyond. It’s often easier to get inspired by those who are just a few steps ahead of you than those who have already achieved it all.

Wherever you are on your journey, continue, persevere.

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– Carl

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