Fill your cup with your passion to change lives.

You want to attract clients…

So, you completed your coaching training.

You designed your website.

You started a coaching business.

Then what happened?


I know. That sucks, right? It happened to me too.

Here’s the truth:

No one is waiting for your coaching.

No one knows who you are.

No one knows your value.

The result? No clients.

Frustration, fear, and doubt set in. You feel stuck and deflated.

You wish people could see how big your heart is and how you can help them.

The hard reality is having a big heart simply isn’t enough to sustain a healthy and profitable business.

What else do you need to attract clients?

It might not be what you think.

Here’s how:


1. Have your chosen your niche yet, or are you too afraid?

Choosing your niche is the first step toward a thriving practice. Omit this step, and you’ll think you can and must help everyone. The result will be no clients. Here’s the truth: If you’re trying to help everyone, you’re helping nobody. Your marketing and your coaching programs will be too generic, and you’ll miss the mark. So what’s to gain from choosing a niche?

  • It makes your communication much easier and effective.
  • You can present yourself as the expert in your field to your target audience.
  • You know exactly what your niche needs, and you can create a matching product / service offering your clients will love.
  • You can work with clients that are the best fit for you.
  • You hit the bull’s eye with your marketing activities, resulting in more clients in less time.
  • You no longer need to look for your clients, because your clients will find you, an expert who can help them.


2. Have you identified the top pain points of your niche?

Identify the top 3 common pain points of your niche market and offer solutions on your media platforms: blogs, newsletters, social media posts, etc. Find inspiration for the pain points of your niche, which relate to your topic, with these resources:

  • Send a short survey to your leads and clients. Ask them for their biggest challenges and struggles.
  • Read comments on popular blogs, online forums, and Facebook groups.
  • Read book reviews on Amazon. Look for poor reviews with only 1 or 2 stars.


3. What is the subject of your website ‘about page’?

Your ‘about page’ is one of the most visited pages on your website, but don’t make the mistake of talking only about you. To do so is to miss an opportunity to show visitors how you can help them. Make it about them and not you. Keep your bio to a minimum and speak to the results you help your clients achieve. Add your client written en video testimonials here. As with all your communication, include a call to action on your ‘about page’ to contact you for a complimentary strategy call or training that you have created.


4. Do you offer a free gift on your website in exchange for an email address?

If not, do it now! Make it a priority. Otherwise, you’re simply leaving money on the table, when you don’t have a way to collect the email addresses of your leads. Your free gift does not have to be big. The most popular free gifts are checklists, cheat sheets, video trainings, and eBooks. Ensure your free gift is aligned with your highest earning coaching program. When you mail your free gift, include details about your coaching programs. Add a link to a page on your website where your leads can learn more and contact you.


5. Automate emails to new subscribers

Research shows that your email subscribers are most engaged with you immediately after signing up for your free gift or newsletter. Set up a series of emails, in advance, in your email marketing software to send automatically on a weekly basis. Vary each email. Share your personality and experiences, high value information, and offers. Give away your best content. There’s plenty more where that came from, right? Remember, your new subscribers / leads can go deeper with your content in your paid programs.


6. Have you built the ‘know, like, and trust’ factor?

Build a relationship with your leads. Let them get to know you, your personality, your quirks and experiences. Increase the ‘know, like, and trust’ factor by sharing your stories, mistakes, and tips for success. Share what you stand for, why you’re in business, and what makes you different. Be bold, vulnerable, and visible. Communicate in your newsletters, social media posts, videos, and speaking events with authenticity and integrity. Be yourself, and your clients will flock to you.


7. Do you communicate your values?

To stand out in your niche, you need to differentiate yourself from the competition by positioning yourself strategically. You do this by communicating your value. Here are 3 example of value sharing:

  • Show the results you help your clients achieve and add testimonials from satisfied clients.
  • Share the findings of your research and case studies.
  • Convey your core values that position you as a role model to others (disciplined, determined, creative). What are your values?
  • Note what people are saying in reviews and the specific words they use. Add these same words in your communication to attract similar people.


8. Do you offer mini-trainings?

An excellent way to attract clients to spend time with you and get to know you is during a mini-training. Mini-trainings are short coaching sessions of a few hours, which help your clients get a specific result. Select one problem and provide one solution per training. Share and promote your mini training on Facebook & LinkedIn groups, as well as online forums. Be sure to check that the group or forum policy allows you to place training offers to their audience. Create a checkout button or link for the training in PayPal and add it to the text of your offering. This way, the lead can easily click & pay. PayPal will inform you by email when payment has been made and will include the lead’s contact details.


9. Write blog articles

Write a series of blog articles on your website on topics that speak to the pain points / struggles of your ideal customers. Address one pain point per blog article. Offer easy-to-implement solutions, based on your research findings and own experiences. Share the results of said solutions in your business and that of your clients. When planning your blog, schedule 20% of your time to write it and 80% to promote it through your newsletter and social media. Use a SEO WordPress plugin, such as Yoast, to ensure optimal ranking in search engines.


10. Write guest blogs

Expand your reach by collaborating with other experts in your field. Write a guest blog for successful bloggers, who draw a larger or different audience than yours. First, build rapport with the blogger by following their blogs and regularly leaving valuable comments on their published articles. Then research their blog and identify 3 topics that are not yet covered. Offer to write a guest blog article for them on one of the identified topics.


11. Consistency is king

Be consistent with your communication to your target audience, Choose one platform, such as a newsletter, You Tube, Facebook, or a podcast. Deliver valuable content on your chosen platform regularly. This demonstrates your core values, such as dedication, commitment, and reliability, to your target audience. Over time, your consistency builds trust among your followers. When they’re ready to buy, you’ll be top of mind.


12. Create Facebook Ad Campaigns

Consider using paid Facebook advertising to drive your target audience to a page on your website with a specific paid or free offer. Facebook ads are a leading source of new clients for my business. Create Facebook ad campaigns that target interest groups that resonate with your niche. Fine-tune your target audience by country, age, gender, etc. Set your daily advertising budget and select the option to pay by clicks to your website (CPC) for optimum effect.


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– Carl

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