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You’d think that ALL powerful people were great leaders.Yet, try to remember when you were last inspired by a public figure and you might be stuck for thought.Why is that?The truth is, what a person or company DOES is not what inspires us.

We’re inspired by what they BELIEVE and what that belief says about who we are and what we aspire to become.

Apple believes in thinking differently and challenging the status quo.It single handedly transformed the music industry by listening to how the public wanted music to be distributed versus the traditional of record companies.It communicated this belief through innovative products.The result? Customers flocked.Not just for the products but for what Apple stands for.

Conviction is contagious.

As a life & business coach, I believe in challenging people to overcome fear of uncertainty and take courageous steps to make their dream a reality.I put the intention to inspire others into action in my work and communication.

Intention is key to inspiration.

Here’s what I’ve learned about how great leaders inspire others and how you can too:

  • Great leaders inspire us and give us something to believe in.
  • Great leaders challenge and elevate us to become the people we want to become.
  • Great leaders make us feel better about ourselves and our ability to succeed.
  • Great leaders don’t simply discount or cut costs, they add value.
  • Great leaders think differently, they challenge the status quo.
  • Great leaders are ethical; they’re in it for the long run.
  • Great leaders don’t ask WHAT should we do to compete? They ask WHY do we do what we do and HOW can we bring our cause to life.

 26 Qualities To Become A Great Leader

  1. Believable – Your words and actions are consistent with your behavior. Others see you as reliable and dependable.
  2. Empathetic – You show compassion and understanding. You do not judge others, but rather support them in learning from there actions.
  3. Honesty – More than speaking the truth; you are genuine and authentic. Your behavior is guided by moral and ethical values and principles.
  4. Visionary – You embrace creativity wholeheartedly. You strategize before you act. You think differently and out-of-the-box. You innovate, inspire and lift others with aspirations to be greater.
  5. Integrity – You are sincere. You uphold your values. Your behavior is a reflection of your beliefs and does not falter.
  6. Orderly – You are structured and well organized. You are accurate, efficient, well planned, methodical and logical.
  7. Relational – As a leader, you connect to others is deep and meaningful. You are genuinely interested in the welfare and development of others. You ask how you can contribute.
  8. Challenging – Beyond inspiring others, you challenge them to step out of their comfort zone and push themselves to higher levels of thought and achievement.
  9. Elevating – You lift people to believe in themselves and their ability to become who they want to become. You know that success is 80% psychology and 20% action.
  10. Communicative – You pro-actively express your thoughts and feelings using clear language and congruent body language. As a leader you ask for what you want. If necessary, you confront others easily and rationally in line with any agreements made between you.
  11. Delegating – Your focus on strategy and vision and assign all other tasks to your team with clear instruction of the outcome you expect.
  12. Sense of humor – Leaders do not take themselves too seriously. They know when to admit and correct mistakes and to look upon it lightheartedly.
  13. Confident – You trust in your ability to get the job done. You are resourceful and competent. You practice self-care and self-compassion. You are self-aware. You set and communicate your boundaries.
  14. Commitment – You keep to your plans and fulfill your promises. As a leader you know that results are achieved through consistent action and focus.
  15. Positive – You have a relaxed outlook on life. You see the glass as half-full. You are forgiving and compassionate.
  16. Creativity – Leaders are creators. You are innovative and play with new ideas. There are opportunities everywhere you look.
  17. Intuition – You are connected to a deep source of inner guidance. You follow your gut and your head in your decision-making.
  18. Flexible – Leaders adapt their strategy and direction with new insights. They know that clarity comes from action and action requires flexibility from learning what works at what does not.
  19. Inspirational – You are more than what you do; your actions are driven by firm beliefs of a better world.
  20. Well informed – You study the details and make it your job to know the intention of others. You are up-to-date on a broad spectrum of relevant issues.
  21. Evaluative – You welcome feedback and are quick to change course and improve processes to create better results.
  22. Consistent – As a leader, you are consistent and dependable. You know that consistent focus is the true path to success. You never give up.
  23. Initiating – You proactively seek out ways to improve and contribute. You anticipate and introduce ways to reach your goals.
  24. Composed – You are relaxed and steadfast under pressure. You are not influenced by external circumstances. Rather you are centered with a correct set of principles that offer space for action.
  25. Influencial – You stand shoulder to shoulder with others. You understand their problems and wishes. You show genuine compassion and interest in order to offer the best solution.
  26. Focus – As a leader, you maintain clear focus with your eye firmly on the desired outcome. You plan and prioritize your daily tasks to eliminate distractions.

Here are 3 book tips on book tips on leadership:

  • How Great Leaders Inspire Action – Simon Sinek
  • Think and Grow Rich – Napoleon Hill
  • The Go-Giver – Bob Burg and David Mann

What are the top 3 qualities you have to lead others? Leave a reply below. I’d love to hear from you.Love,Carl BrooksBusiness Growth Coach