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40 List Building Tactics To 10X Your Business


In a previous article, “The Secret Mindset To List Building”, we talked about the psychology behind building and maintaining a quality email list.


We looked at why having a quality list is essential to running a viable business, and guarantees that you will always have the opportunity to generate revenue in your business, to have the freedom, flexibility and economic independence you desire.


Want to know which list building strategies you can apply to grow your list? I’ve researched the list building strategies of top coaches and entrepreneurs and listed for you below the ones that have 10X'ed my list over the past year.


Firstly, let’s take a small step back to make sure we’re all on the same page.


What Is List Building?


Modern list building is an exchange of value between you and a potential customer (also known as a lead). The idea is to offer a small but effective piece of your best content (also knows as a lead magnet, giveaway or freebie) in exchange for the email address and/or name of the lead.


Freebies Can Be A Bunch Of Different Things:

Here are some examples:

  • Cheat sheets
  • Checklists
  • eBooks
  • Webinars
  • Video trainings
  • Free consultation with you
  • White paper report
  • Coupon or discount


Freebies Should Meet The Following Criteria:


  • Reflect our best content because we want to make a good first impression and because there’s plenty more great content where that came from, right?
  • Be quick and easy for the lead to apply in his or her life or business to see results.
  • Be jaw-dropping-worthy, so that our audiences think, “This is so good – I can’t believe it’s free.”
  • Be aligned with our main / most profitable paid offerings.


Be never afraid to give the best ideas and content away for free. We can go deeper and more organized in our paid offerings that teach people how to apply for our free stuff in detail.


How To Master List Building:


To become a master at listing building, we need to know what our tribe wants and needs.


The more questions we ask our audience and pay attention to the underlying pain points, the more powerful our freebies will become and the more our audience will want to go deeper with us in our paid offerings.


Be consistent in list building with this 3-tier strategy:


  1. Leading freebie (our most powerful and popular content, very specific about what we’re focused on in our business). Related to what we’re working on at the moment. Valuable to a broad audience. Aligned with what we ultimately want to sell.


  1. Supplementary freebie: content upgrade in a popular article on our blogs. Tip: drive Facebook ad traffic to our blog article.


  1. Promotional freebie: ahead of a big promotion to people who will be genuinely interested in our next paid offering. Tip: promote to new audiences using Facebook ads.


Ready to generate 50 new list subscribers a week?


Are you up for the challenge to make list building a priority in your business and generate 50 new list subscribers a week?


Yes, you’re going to need more than 1 freebie and a few posts. I encourage you to test different freebies from all 3 tiers: leading, supplementary and promotional. Then see which ones work best for you and do more of that.


Then extend your list building efforts using the 40 tactics below to 10X your business:

Download the 40 List Building Tactics In A Handy Cheat Sheet PDF



40 List Building Tactics To 10X Your Business:


  1. Guest Post: Create valuable content for popular blogs in your niche. Most blog owners permit guest authors to include a bio and also a link to your website or recent blog which includes an opt-in for your freebie. But don’t be sneaky. Make sure you have the blog owner’s permission to include your links first. It’s just good business practice.


  1. Guest Bloggers. Open your own blog to contributions from other bloggers. It’s very common for them to promote these articles to their own followers, which in turn, drives new traffic to your blog.


  1. Contest: Run a contest and offer a valuable prize. Who doesn’t like a chance to win something? There are some great, affordable tools out there like KingSumo Giveaways and Rafflecopter to get the contest up and running.


  1. Webinar: A webinar can be a pre-recorded presentation or a live-stream event. You showcase your knowledge on your chosen topic, communicate your value and present an offer to viewers wishing to go deeper with you in your paid program. Alternatively, be a guest on someone else’s webinar and share the leads.


  1. Worshop: The same as a webinar, in which you support others by sharing your expertise on a single topic. Workshop organizers position themselves as experts and naturally get more attention.


  1. Interview. This is an effective way to position yourself as a leader, collaborate with peers and grow you list. Get interviewed about your business, social mission, process, journey. Or you can interview a peer. You both promote the recording.


  1. Freebie: A small gift that you offer someone in exchange for their first name and email address. This is often a digital gift such as a checklist, cheat sheet or eBook. Be sure to align the topic of your giveaway with your paid program. Integrate your freebie opt-in page with your email autoresponder to capture the email address.


  1. Bundle Offer: Approach 10 peers in your field to create a joint bundle of related offers at a discounted price. Use a landing page with an opt-in to promote the bundle as one low-priced offer. Each contributor promotes it to their leads for 50% commission and shares the captured email addresses.


  1. Bonus Offer: Identify a peer who has a similar offer to your own. Contact them with a proposal to add your offer as a bonus to theirs for a discount. You both promote it to your leads and share the revenues of each sale.


  1. Freebie Exchange: Identify a website with a quality giveaway (AKA lead magnet) that appeals to your audience. Contact the owner and ask them to email a link to their freebie landing page, which you’ll send to your audience. In return, request that they send an email with a link to your freebie landing page to their audience.


  1. Influencer Training: Identify influencers who share your core topic expertise. Contact them with a request to prepare a joint training. You both promote it to your lists and share the captured leads.


  1. Ask Friends: Think of 100 people you know who you can approach individually with an invitation to join your list. Send them the link to your opt-in page or add them manually to your list.


  1. Email signature: Add a call to action to your email signature the links directly to your freebie opt-in page. Alternatively, add a link to your most popular blog post, which includes an opt-in for a content upgrade.


  1. Paid adverts. Facebook Ads allow you to target specific interest groups and demographics with your offer. Optimize your campaign by designing 3-4 different ads for the campaign in order to test which one performs the best. Performance can be monitored with the following metrics that Facebook automatically calculates for active campaigns: Click Through Rate (CTR) and Cost Per Click (CPC). Equally, ad conversion can be monitored in Facebook by adding a Facebook pixel to the header html of your target webpage. Deactivate the ads which perform the least.


  1. Blog posts. Add a call-to-action such as your opt-in form to the top and bottom of your blog posts. A pop-up opt-in works very effectively too. Then set about promoting your blog. Remember the 80-20 rule: spend 20% of the time allocated for you blog on writing it and 80% on promoting it.


  1. Content upgrade: This is a form of free upsell to the traffic already coming to your website and blog. The idea is to supplement the existing content with a additional, related information to help people achieve their goals, in exchange for their email address. This is an effective method to invite people into a deeper client relationship with you.


  1. SEO: Optimize your website content so that it is ranked high in search engines to drive free organic traffic to your website. Use a free WordPress plugin like Yoast.


  1. Business cards: Include the URL of your freebie opt-in page on your business cards. Give recipients a verbal call to action to opt-in when handing over your card in person.


  1. Affiliates: Contact peers in your field and offer them a commission for the sales of your offering that they promote to their list. Set up your own affiliate tracking system such as a separate list in your email autoresponder to reward your affiliates with their commission.


  1. Podcast: Do a podcast or online show and invite guests from your industry to share there tips and experiences on your topic. Include the link to your freebie opt-in page in your show notes. Alternatively, be a guest on someone else’s podcast and mention where people can opt-in to your freebie.


  1. Email Autoresponder Sequence: A great way to retain people on your list is to provide them with your best content on a recurring basis. This also helps to build the “know, like and trust factor”, so that when you’re ready to make an offer, your list is ready to buy from you.


  1. Periscope: This is a powerful engagement app for your smart phone for live video broadcasting. Invite viewers to subscribe and send automatic reminders to join you when you start broadcasting.


  1. Share Results: People love proof. When you have a substantial list of more than a 1000 subscribers, then you can further increase its growth by sharing your results. When people see a large number of subscribers, it is easy to convince others to join your list. Don’t forget to include the URL of your opt-in page and a call to action.


  1. Speaking: Wherever you appear to speak, never forget to invite your audience to sign up for your freebie. Display the URL of your opt-in page on a slide at the end of your presentation and on any hand outs you give out. Alternatively, pass around an iPad with your opt-in page to you audience or invite people to come and sign up using your computer.


  1. Survey: When conducting a survey, add a question at the end where you offer them a freebie or gift by signing-up.


  1. Buy ezine ads: You can pay for a position in a prominent newsletter in your niche. Only do this if it's a solo mailer though.


  1. FB relations: When you personally engage with people on Facebook, they become interested in your work. Offer them your gift.


  1. FB group: Create your own group and offer your members a new freebie as a thank-you gift.


  1. 404 page: Make use of it and add a link to redirect them to 
an opt-in landing page!


  1. Exit intention pop-up: Add these to your website pages to increase engagement.


  1. Split test your opt-in forms. Discover nuances that increase engagement on your pages.


  1. Youtube: You can add a caption to invite viewers to join your list.


  1. Slideshare: Create a presentation and add opt-in invitation to it.


  1. LinkedIn Groups: Personalize the welcome email people get when joining your group and add the opt-in invite.


  1. Social sharing plugin: Include social sharing buttons on your website, blog content and thank you page after opting in.


  1. Opt-in Box: To allow visitors to your website to opt-in, use a popup, lightbox or feature box in the header and footer of your website and blog content. Alternatively, use a free WordPress plugin like Hellobar to display your opt-in at the top of every page of your website and blog.


  1. Promote Your Blog: Put a segment of your blog on Facebook and start a conversation around it. Include an opt-in feature on your blog.


  1. Terrific Testimonials: Offer testimonials and case studies for other businesses whose offerings you have used and gotten successful results. Make them the star. Give your permission to the business owner to publish your testimonial that includes a reference to your website, blog, opt-in or Facebook page.


  1. Comment On Posts: Follow other popular bloggers in your field and leave regular valuable related comments which on their blogs. Draw inspiration from your experience and expertise. Add a backlink to your most recent blog. On forums and in Facebook groups, comment on other people’s posts. Show your genuine gratitude for their post.


  1. Cross Pollination: Find other businesses that share your values but have other products that would also serve your audience. Contact these businesses and suggest a reciprocal promotion to both your lists, which includes an opt-in to each others list.


Final List Building Tips To 10X Your Business:


  • People share what is unique, creative and inspiring. Be inventive.
  • Select a few strategies and commit to them.
  • Create a list building plan and set aside time in your calendar to apply it.


Download the 40 List Building Tactics In A Handy Cheat Sheet PDF

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