7 Steps From Brain Surgery To Thriving Coaching Business


Brain surgery wasn’t supposed to happen to me. It wasn’t on my vision board.


You know, the amazing thing about the discovery of a lump in my brain in 2013 (apart from the absurdity of seeing the inside of my head displayed on a doctor’s monitor) was the fact that it could be detected at all.


The truth is, before the MRI scan was invented in the 1970’s, lumps in the brain remained undetected and would have most certainly resulted in death. Thanks to skillful doctors and modern technology, I lived to tell the tale.


As in life, I see too many lumps in business too. Fortunately, we can avoid these with some preventative medicine.


That’s why I’ve made it my mission to help women coaches get the clarity and skills to build a thriving, lump-free coaching business with heart and soul.


Ready to jump on the lump-prevention bandwagon?

Here are 7 steps to show you how:


Step 1: Business Clarity

Get clear on the vision and profit model for your business. What are your most lucrative coaching programs and results you offer? Define the target audience and the ideal customer you want to attract. Understand that business clarity evolves. By engaging with leads and clients, you develop a better understanding of their needs and how to help them achieve their goals.


Step 2: Programs

Translate your clients’ needs and deepest desires into heartfelt programs that are irresistible to your clients. Offer proven methods and genuine support that guide them, step-by-step, through your program to the transformation they seek. Show, with examples, how the same methods have helped you and your clients succeed.


Step 3: Client Marketing

Share your most valuable content with your leads and followers. Create a sales funnel that turns traffic into leads, and then leads into customers, 24/7. Develop a great relationship with the people on your mailing list. Be authentic and transparent in order to build the know, like and trust factor, so that when you’re ready to sell, they’re ready to buy.


Step 4: Client Enrollment

Get the skills to attract and enroll your ideal clients using a heartfelt, enrollment system that serves the client fully and allows you to make the difference in the world you desire. Hone your listening skills and help your clients to believe in themselves and in what is possible for them. When it comes to objections on money and time, stand your ground and help your client lean into the part of them that wants to move forward with your support. Help them see that, with your help, they can get the results they desire.


Step 5: Mindset

Improve your confidence to get visible and share your message. Practice your pitch in front of a camera with a friend or coach and welcome their feedback. Learn to stay focused and be consistent. Get rich quick schemes are a fantasy. Success in any business comes to those who stick at it and show up consistently, time after time.


Step 6: Positioning

Communicate your value. Share your unique story; talk about what you do and the results you offer. Position yourself as an expert, role model or change catalyst in your field. Demonstrate case studies and examples that prove you really can help clients get their desired results, so people easily say yes to your programs.


Step 7: Implementation

Create a firm action plan. Schedule your tasks and tactics so that you can deliver your goals on time. Make an accountability plan with the desired result for each month ahead. Hire a coach or mentor to challenge and motivate you to step into your greatness and stay on your game.


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With joy & gratitude,

– Carl

About Carl Brooks

About Carl Brooks
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