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8 Reasons To Narrow Your Market To Grow Your Audience.


One of the biggest struggles I see newbies to the coaching world wrestle with, is defining their ideal client.


Intuitively, we may want to attract as many clients as possible to our programs and services. We’ll tell ourselves things like, “The bigger the market, the greater the opportunities.”


But here’s the problem. If we begin our business by being a generalist, it can be difficult for our clients and prospects to see themselves using our services.


Take for example the archetype of a designer. Sure, we get a rough idea of the type of service a designer provides, but how certain are we that he can design our website? Perhaps he designs buildings.


The result? We look elsewhere for a designer who clearly communicates what he does and for whom. Doing so, we find one who matches our needs and hire their services.


Want to increase the likelihood that prospects will want to work with you?

Here are 8 reasons why you should narrow your market:


1. Finding clients becomes easier

Once you know who your customers are, it makes it easier to find them.


2. Your focus increases

You can develop programs that truly solve a specific problem, much better than appealing to a wider audience with broader problems, different needs, struggles and desires.


3. You have the answer to your clients burning issues

When you understand the issues facing your specific market, you can display genuine empathy and create compelling reasons for your clients to work with you.


4. You are perceived as an expert in your field

Your in depth knowledge of your specific market’s needs, struggle and desires, helps you to speak and write with authority and positions you as an expert in your niche.


5. It makes it easier for your network to refer to you

If you can be clear about what it is that you do and who your ideal client is, when talking at networking events, other can refer prospects to you much easier.


6. You can raise your fees

By specializing in a particular market, you command specialist fees. Your customers will expect it.


7. It takes away all the guesswork

You work becomes laser focused and effective. You’re able to create solutions with the full certainty that your niche will appreciate them.


8. You enjoy your work more

Your confidence and motivation increases through the certainty of what you do and whom you can help.





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About Carl Brooks
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