Hi Coach, You're Ready to Grow Big. You Just Need a Mentor...then BOOM!

“Carl, I had to cancel my event due to lack of response.

How can I market it better next time?”

You’d be right in thinking that I get this question A LOT.
Naturally my first thought is, “Hire me!” or at least, “Let’s set up a chat to see how I can help you create an effective marketing strategy and campaign.”
…because the chances are you don’t have one.
AND my second thought is usually, “How willing are you to get ‘out there’ every day to add massive value to your prospects and position your event?”
…because the chances are, right now, you want the result without the process.
Most likely, you’re simply thinking tactically…

When, first, you really should be thinking strategically.

Show me a business owner with a clear marketing strategy, and I’ll bet you a Euro they can fill their events.
How do I know?
Because I’ve done it…Our marketing strategy ensures we fill our Wealthy Coach Retreats in Tuscany and South Africa, time and time again.  
Easy for me to say, because I’m an established coach, right?

It’s only easy because I think strategy first, tactics second.

Strategy got me here and keeps my business growing.
Look. I get that that it’s tempting to get sucked into sexy marketing tactics to promote your event:
– design flyers
– post photos of the venue
– create a fancy event name
– write a blog, email and meme or two.
– Do a Facebook Live and pray people will want to come.
But truth be told…

A business isn’t built on prayers!

It’s built on vision, execution and measurement.
The first thing you need is clarity on “why” your business exists, beyond just making money…
What is the mission, philosophy, cause or change you want to see in the world?
In short, what reasons do you give your audience to care to listen to you?
…Because if you don’t know why they should listen to you, the chances are you’ll end up as noise in their newsfeed.
And you can do better than that.
Next, you’ll want to know whom specifically you want to serve, what they want and where you can reach them.
…Because if you don’t define “them”, you could find yourself trying to sell refrigerators to eskimos.

Targeting the wrong audience

is one of the biggest

blunders of marketers.

Next, use the definitions of your “why” and “them” to piece together a strong marketing message that conveys what your target audience is feeling – particularly their ignored, internal pressures.
…Because you need to tap into the emotions and conversations that are already going on in their heads.
Next, you’ll want to create a marketing strategy and promotion plan aligned with it, to ensure you choose the preferred channels of your target audience and the preferred ways they choose to consume your content.
…You need to place your stall in the middle of the right market.

Then create valuable content that is as useful as it is actionable, such as a webinar, video training etc.

Something that will give them

an immediate result that

they can feel good about.

Next, invite them into a conversation with you online or offline, where you ask questions to understand their goals, what’s holding them back and identify the type of support they need to get the result they desire.
Finally, get their permission to present your solution (being your event) and walk them through the event details and invite them to participate (make the sale).
Inspiration from a previous post to help you find your target audience:
– post relevant and useful tips on social media to people who need it.


Invite them to sign up for your valuable content.

– build your own community like a Facebook group. Invite them to sign up for your valuable content.
– run a Facebook ad to target the specific demographic and interests of your target audience. Invite them to sign up for your valuable content.
– get known in other communities for your expertise. Invite them to sign up for your valuable content.
– create an online event, workshop, talk. Invite them to sign up for your valuable content.
– get referrals and ask friends, relatives, peers and past clients to engage in and share your content…while doing the same for them.

You can do all these things and more.

First strategy, second tactics.

Step up and do better.
All it takes is guts!
Supporting your success,