Do you follow other great coaches and entrepreneurs for answers for your own business?Are you subscribed to countless mailing lists, Facebook groups and online courses?I’d heard that getting information from too many sources could distract us from our own creativity.The more we consume, the less we create.So I decided to limit my consumption of information to a handful of experts that resonated the most with me.Here’s what I found…Ultimately, to get caught up in information overload is to feel that we have little of value to offer ourselves. And that’s not who we are.Balancing 20% consumption with 80% creation is the key to building a successful business and making a positive difference in the world.When we tap into our heart, we can create new coaching programs that reflect who we truly are, what we believe in and the our clients’ deepest desires.

Want to get more answers from your heart for your business?

Here’s how:

1. Get On the Train To Authenticity

I love the Oxford dictionary’s description of authenticity – “Of undisputed origin and not a copy; genuine.” This is about daring to get guidance from your heart, rather than outside influences. It requires us to show our personality in our communication: our quirks, our style and our struggles.

2. Create, Don’t Compare

Letting go of comparison is important to cultivating creativity, according to author Brené Brown, “Comparison is the act of estimating, measuring and observing the similarity and/or dissimilarity between others and ourselves. Comparison is the enemy of creativity and the thief of happiness.” Powerful words.

3. Work With Our Strengths

Understand our strengths and translate them into tactics to apply in your business. For example, if one of your strengths is consistency then a tactic might be to create clear instructions for your clients to follow. Or if another strength is empathy, then your tactic might be to listen deeply during client calls and help them express their feelings.

4. Viva Vulnerability

Having the courage to be vulnerable is a game changer in business that transforms the way we lead and attract clients. It requires us to bear our souls, our struggles, doubts & fears and dare I say, our failures. When you share something you’ve experienced that triggered an embarrassing or shameful emotion, your clients will empathize with you from the recognition.

5. Trust It And Bust it

Building a successful business takes time, effort and the willingness to trust in ourselves as well as the process. It means letting go of the need to control and know everything in advance. Trust is about following our intuition, taking risks and knowing that there are no failures, only lessons and successes. We are right where we are supposed to be.

6. Surround Ourselves With Support

Having mentors or support group of like-minded people who understand the challenges we face in our businesses is vital to helping us express our creativity, pushing us out of your comfort zone and moving us forward to success. And here’s the “but”. Don’t just choose “Yes” people who praise our every move. Rather, ensure a mix of people who will call us out when they notice that our tactics start to stray from the vision we have for our business.

7. Mindful Meditation

There’s a time for creating and a time for receiving guidance. Do you have a daily mediation practice, as I do? If not, I encourage you to set aside 10 minutes of your morning schedule to receive higher guidance and inspiration through meditation. Studies associate the following benefits with meditation: relaxing the nervous system, creating new ideas, focusing thoughts and improving wellbeing.

8. Writing Is Enlightening

Self-expression through writing allows us to focus our thoughts, tap into a deeper level of inspiration and gain the kind of deeper clarity that leads to new insights for our business. I’ve had major insights while journaling and blogging. Many of which have made it directly into coaching and retreat programs.

9. We attract clients based on how we make them feel

When we connect emotionally to clients, show genuine empathy for their struggles, offer encouragement and proven solutions to overcome obstacles, then we resonate with their hearts.

10. Thanks For Gratitude

Gratitude is the ultimate expression of customer service. In honoring those who have shown interest in our business or have invested in our programs, it reminds us of our responsibility to continually offer valuable content, tools and strategies to support their growth. Did you like this article? Leave a comment below with your feedback. And let me know your tips and for giving yourself permission.I look forward to hearing from you.With joy & gratitude,- CarlPS: Want to skyrocket your coaching business to success? Book a complimentary strategy session with me, no salesy talk, just tons of value. Select a date & time convenient for you CLICK HEREPPS: Get my step-by-step blueprint for a 6-figure coaching business at the Eat Pray Learn Retreat in Tuscany, Italy. LEARN MOREAbout Carl BrooksCarl helps beginner coaches make money with their coaching so that they have the freedom and independence to do what they love.Skype: carlbrookscoachwww.carlbrooks.comhello@carlbrooks.comFacebook  Twitter