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Are Quick-Wins Killing Your Business?


I hear too many business owners say they want to “get” customers…and it makes my teeth grit, lips press, and jaw lock… Grrrrr!


Customers aren’t “gotten” – they’re EARNED!


But these business owners struggle to do the necessary work to earn their customers trust…


The problem is they’re not creating valuable content consistently to grow their audience, build a relationship with them over time and narrow the gap between their services and their customer’s desire to buy.


They know they should be adding value on a daily basis – but they’re just not doing it…because it wears overalls and looks like work.


There’s a lack of discipline and

commitment to getting in the trenches

and getting their feet wet.


Sure…they want to make an impact and be a major influencer in their field, BUT it doesn’t stretch beyond a good intention and a desire to “get” customers.


I see LITTLE willingness to be courageous: share something personal, vulnerable and meaningful – to create an authentic, emotional connection with their audience.


Instead, they go looking for quick-wins and low-hanging fruit…from so-called experts who promise easy-buttons: funnels, templates, swipe copy, books, webinars, network meetings etc.


All you have to do is spend your time and resources on the other expert’s programmes and your customers will magically appear – yeah, right!


Here’s the truth…


You can’t get customers

before adding value – lots of it.


I love earning money and growing my business.


Last year was a incredibly, successful year financially…which I can wholeheartedly attribute to the amount of valuable, free content I created for my audience on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and to my email subscribers.


Money flows where value goes.


So adding value changes everything!


Getting customers is not some

quick-win of low-hanging fruit,

not something you can get.


Getting customers is the result of a consistent exchange of energy: offering great value and making occasional offers in exchange for your customer’s trust and business.


Value takes many forms including sharing your life lessons, expertise, struggles, process, insights, tools, values, opinions etc.


But too often, I see business owners sharing only second-hand content: memes, gifs, quotes etc. instead of something personal they’ve created.


Second-hand content reeks of laziness and lack of creativity. It pollutes social media like plastic in the oceans.


That’s not who you are when you’re at your best.


You have a wealth of

expertise and experience

to share with your audience.


If you really want to make an impact and be an influencer, then it’s time to buckle down and start creating and sharing valuable content with your audience every day.


Where to start?


I recommend you begin by scheduling one hour a day to create content…


That’s 365 pieces of amazing content over a year that you can repurpose into webinars, workshops, books, blogs, presentations, online programs, newsletters etc.


Imagine what you could create in a year?


How cool is that?


So getting clients is the result of an exchange of value that you provide consistently.


Then, it becomes a no-brainer for your customers to want to buy your offerings.


No one buys from an empty shop.


You’re running a business, not a charity.


So fill your shelves with valuable content and customers will come.


What’s your opinion on this? And how do you go about getting customers?


I’d love to hear from you.


Supporting your success,



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