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Inspiring Business Growth To Lift You To The Next Level - by Jen Lang


I didn't intend to go to the Eat Pray Learn Retreat in Italy and gain five new sisters. I thought I would be learning about how to be a better coach, how to connect with my clients, and grow my business.


I learned that, but I have also learned business-building knowledge and skills that I am implementing today. Two of my most favourite insights were the 90-Day Accountability Plan and the Annual Vision exercise.


I review both my Plan and my Vision on a near-daily basis – they keep me reminded of what I want for 2016, they guide my calendar, my social media posts, my human interactions, and they keep me focused on growing my business as a voice & communications coach.


But, as great as these business tools are, I gained so much more.


Each day started with a walk past olive groves and vineyards with fellow retreat participant Shari, where we shared our journey to this place, this time, and our visions. A short group yoga class with JJ each morning helped us to centre our breath and set our intentions for the day.


After breakfast, the learning part of the retreat began with a few hours of reading, discussing, and writing about the various aspects of growing a coaching business. I learned to recognize paradigms, (I can’t do this), fears (I don’t know enough to be an expert), and anxieties (But what if I’m successful?) that were holding me back. I finally started to believe that I had enough knowledge to start!


After a leisurely 2.5 hour mid-day break, including lunch prepared by the energetic estate matriarch, Mamma Orlanda, our group re-convened to go deeper into the day’s topic, including time to write outlines for our own businesses, to present and give feedback on what we had been creating for our business, whether it was an course outline, brainstorming ideas for blog topics, or plan a week of social media.


Over the 7 days, a transformation occurred. I could do this.


Carl and JJ led this transformation from a heart-centered place. Those words are thrown around a lot, ‘heart-centered’. But truly, when messages are informed and shared from one heart to another, it is nothing but honest.


We believed in our ideas. We had the tools to execute them. And we had the support to see them through.


The 12 weeks of follow-up calls post-retreat kept us accountable, inspired, and enthusiastic. Our group also started our own monthly Mastermind after the 12 weeks of program of follow-up coaching was complete.


If you are looking for transformative, inspiring business growth that will lift you to the next level, the Eat Pray Learn retreat is for you.


Carl and JJ have built a special program that is the right balance of training, individual attention, supportive group work, and learning and leisure/culture time.


Each of the five women who have become my sisters brought different, yet complementary gifts to the 7 days we spent together. We supported each other.


The learning is from the heart. The change is transformative.


Learn more about the Eat Pray Learn Retreat


Jen Lang is a voice & communications coach who works with independent, savvy business-owners who want to sound confident on their podcast & video, inspire their growing audience, and express the truth in their message. Connect with Jen at www.jenlang.com.

Jen Lang

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