The World Needs The Guidance That Only You Can Give

Following through by hook or by crook!

You might think it odd to write about filming a video in 30C sunshine last week, when it’s actually -2C and snowing outside today here in Amsterdam. But, I gotta tell it like it is, I had an amazing 'aha-moment' about following through on set goals and it all started on a beautiful sunny Spring morning in South Africa’s world-class Winelands.

I’m sitting on the terrace of our hotel room and sipping my early morning coffee. The blue sky and lush green trees in the surrounding gardens form the perfect backdrop for another glorious December day in Stellenbosch. Around me, I hear the sound of excitable birds dancing and singing to the sunrise in agreement.

It’s 6.30am. I’m prepped and ready to go with my video equipment, microphone and tripod in hand. Hands down, this is one of my favourite moments in business coaching, where I get to share details about the upcoming 11th Wealthy Coach Retreat in Stellenbosch this March.


I'm prepped and ready to go

for one of my favourite moments

in business coaching.


Finally, the day has come to record the juicy news of our new retreat location to another amazing group of ambitious, action-taking, coaches.

The first 10 Wealthy Coach Retreats may have SOLD OUT, but that does not mean I can be complacent and simply repeat the same video every time we open the doors to applications for the next retreat.

The truth is, each new retreat has it’s own style and ambience that I like capture on video. Magnificent Stellenbosch is no exception.

I grab the equipment, leave the room and make my way along a tree-lined path toward an open pasture with vistas of the surrounding mountains that I stumbled upon yesterday.


It doesn't take a genius

to see that this video

ain't happening now.


Deaf from excitement, at first I don’t hear it...

Then, slowly I become aware of a constant bellowing sound resonating around the hotel grounds. As I turn to look, I spot 3 leaf blowers, to the North, South and West. Each 300 meters away and closing in. I’m DUMSTRUCK. Really? Now?

It doesn’t take a genius to see that this video ain’t happening now. I love all things authentic and showing it like it is on video, but the viewer must be able to hear what I’m saying. I decide to postpone the video shoot to later that evening when the sunset casts a warm, orange hue over the mountains. Better!

It’s now 7pm and the wind has picked up. Leaf blowers have nothing on nature’s awesome power. The rustling Jacaranda trees and jostling bamboo poles battle it out. No doubt, the wind will race over the microphone and drown out my voice. It’s happened before. So I check the weather forecast. It appears the wind will die down overnight. I decide to shoot the video tomorrow.


I'm Following through on a set goal.

Not shooting this video ain't an option!


The next morning, the wind has indeed dropped. The sun is shining and there’s not a leaf blower to be heard. Yes!

I’m back at the open pasture. The air and trees are still. This is it!

Video camera on. Check! Microphone on. Check!

Suddenly, I hear it. “Mummy! Mummy! Let’s play over here.”

I look up and my heart sinks as two excitable children come running in my direction.


I smile up at the sky

and I surrender. 😉


Then, the MIRACLE happens. The parents wave the children on and give me an encouraging smile to continue. I’m humbled and deeply GRATEFUL for the friendly gesture.

It has not been lost on me that without the kindness of strangers and a little persistence, the new video for the Wealthy Coach Retreat may not have happened.

Watch the new video here

If you find yourself postponing or being distracted by something in your life or business right now, don’t despair! Sometimes we just need to power through and try again, instead of giving up entirely.


Sometimes we just need to

power through and try again,

instead of giving up entirely.


I’m convinced that when we step into our PURPOSE, along the way we are TESTED by distractions to overcome and the kindness of strangers to appreciate and pay forward.

What if you knew that distractions and kindness are a part of the journey? How would that inspire you to focus, take action, following through so you can move forward? 

Are you currently experiencing distractions or have you recently witnessed the kindness of strangers? Let me know. I'd love to hear from you. Leave a comment below... 

Supporting your success,




Following Through on your set goals

isn't easy at first.

It takes experience,

so my advice is to start now....

Start Today!


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