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1-day training LIVE online event


The best foundation and a practical plan for a thriving coaching practice

There must be an easier way

Super simple, smart and strategic

Ready for 1 full day of practical tips, tricks and my own secrets for the best (re)start of your coaching practice?

You're a warm-hearted coach with big plans to make an impact in the world. The reality is that you didn't think it would be complicated. How hard can it be to grow your practice and make it a profitable reality? But now you're working on it almost 24/7. You go from total passion to total frustration. And back again. It's sometimes difficult to continue because you don't really know how. But stopping is not an option at all, you are already too far for that.

You have already gained a lot of knowledge, but struggle to implement...there's always something that needs to be done or developed. You do a lot of things at once, then nothing gets truly finished or delivered, and you sink back into your shell.

You want to grow a profitable practice. Help customers. Earn a great living with a practice that makes money. But it's currently no further than a 'happy hobby'. And not even always happy.

You want to feel truly supported in your journey to achieving your vision, but you haven't yet found the right warm, normal-talking expert you can put your faith in to help and challenge you.

Can you relate? Then this is YOUR training!

Can you relate?

  • Just when you think you've done or understood something, something else needs to happen. And you're always falling behind and want a better understanding of the technical aspects of running a successful practice.
  • You see a number of colleagues who you consider aren't as good as you and who already earn a great living or have more customers. You see the plans you have for yourself already happening to them, and truth be told, that makes you a little green.
  • Why is it that there's always something to do to build a practice full of clients? You come across a number of practical matters that leave you wondering how it's done? And so you don't do anything or you start again with a new idea only to get stuck at the same place.
  • You kind of do what you see others doing. In truth, you don't really like that at all. It even takes you further away from your passion, the reason why you started your practice.
  • You probably have some kind of plan in your head. In your mind you've played it over and over. But you're not yet really pulling in the crowds, there seems to be something missing, which results in frustration.
  • Look, if you're totally honest, you'll admit that you are the biggest bottleneck. That you actually stand in the way of your own success. You wonder where to start but you also like that you don't have an answer to that question yet. Because until then you don't have to do anything, or put yourself out here, or take a risk, or ask for help etc. Nice and safe, but mostly unfulfilled and unsuccessful. Ouch!

Take a deep breath in and out. I see you. Been there, done that. I'm going to help you. As I have done with hundreds of coaches and therapists. It'll be fine.

Time for a change! Past performance is no guarantee for the future. As long as you don't keep doing the same thing, that's the definition of insanity. So if you're ready to 'go for the real thing' or 'do it right the first time if you're a starter', pay attention! Even if you think you already have all the knowledge: if your practice is not yet full of clients, this day has been developed with you in mind.

Step by step action plan for success in your practice

What if I gave you a step-by-step plan to fill your practice with clients. And not just any clients, but dream clients? What if you receive a simple plan that you can follow daily; not complicated, not rocket science. Just follow the plan and get better every day at executing it. So that the results keep getting better. How does that sound?

Practical tips and strategies (Yes, you wanted a business, didn't you? That includes a strategy), no smoke screens and plans that make you think 'I must have studied for that first'. I like simple. I like simple business building. I stick to facts and use my common sense. That is why I want you to be able to say 'hey, but I can do that too!'.

Because if I can do it, so can you. And I'm going to teach you that!


Spoiler alert!

A small warning is in order. There are people who find an hour with me a lot 😊. Let alone a whole day. Back to back too. An intensive day at full speed. Seriously, it will feel like a week. Because of the pace, the insights, the emotions and the cramp in your fingers of the writing. You won't want to go to the bathroom for fear of missing out. You will find it scary and you' have a giggle. Going from 'gosh, can I do that too?' to 'it's my time to shine'. And all that in less than 48 hours. When you say 'bring it on, I'm ready 😊' then the next simple step is to press the buy button.

  • No complicated hassle, I like it simple and concrete.
  •  A tough-love approach: I'm a good guy,  but I'll be brutally honest with you if I know it's what you need to hear, and it will help you.
  • Out of the box thinking and a wealth of inspiration to help you get started right away.
  • I lovingly hold a mirror up to you about how you are responsible for your success. Or the lack thereof.
  •  I'm allergic to excuses, so you can't get away with that with me. But you shouldn't want to get with it anymore. It's time to step and and challenge yourself to do better and be better.
  •  For anyone who thinks he/she knows how to define their ideal client. Think again! As long as you say you know, but haven't taken consistent action yet, you don't know anything. Look, "Knowing and not doing is the same as not knowing".

The knowledge comes from me, you take care of the implementation and the success!

This is for you:

I teach you, as a coach or therapist, how you can earn a great economic living with your knowledge. And how you can grow to the next level as quickly as possible in your practice. In the shortest possible time, in the simplest possible way. How you can see through the mountain of action steps and use your time as efficiently as possible to achieve your goals. By turning your expertise into money-generating products, while enjoying your entrepreneurial journey.

You'll receive step-by-step ideas, strategies and an action plan to make your practice a real success! So this training is a very valuable investment for you:

> Even if you have just started your business.
> Even if you've already 'tried everything' and still haven't succeeded.
> If you think you already know everything but they aren't lined up at your door yet. Then there is still something missing in the foundation of your practice. We're going to build on that.

This training is all about learning, sharing, growing, developing, focus, strategy, action, networking and so much more

Who am I?

Like you, I had big plans when I started my own practice. I've been an entrepreneur since 2012 with over 20 years experience in marketing, communication to help companies create millions in sales. And I always knew that that was not my final destination, that there was still something to come where all my knowledge and experience and above all my heart would come together. And that happened a little over 10 years ago when, after an event, I made the decision to actually implement the idea that I'd had for several years – making other coaches successful with my expertise. I quit my other business and followed my heart.

I couldn't wait to get started. And then I made some expensive mistakes. Which ensured that I my turnover was less than €12,000 in the first year. And I couldn't live on that. And giving up my big plans was not an option. So I hired a coach to help take me and my business to the next level.

I learned about structure, strategies, planning because I wanted to make a real company and earn a great living. I went all-in. Step by step my knowledge, my company, myself and my turnover grew year after year. 

I don't just talk about how it's done. I do it too! I often pinch myself in amazement that this is my life. I believe that it really is possible for everyone to take control of their success. And, that's what I want for you too, by sharing my own knowledge and experiences. That's why I created this training for you.

Mini trainings

You don't have to believe me, read below what the participants thought of a previous training:

Carl, I just wanted to express my gratitude to you for your teachings, inspiration, guidance and unwavering support. Thanks to all the above my first workshop on Saturday went off so well. It was a great success and I loved every minute of it. It is my intention to make this the first of many more. Attending the program has been a turning point in my life. I am extremely grateful for the opportunity you gave.

Yolande Olhaus

South Africa

Having attend Carl program in 2017, I have since run three retreats of my own. I have increased my email list. I have built a professional online workshop. I have started to MAKE money instead of lose money. I am no longer fearful. I always took courageous action but sometimes it was not guided and would waste time. And I feel that it is guided and structured now.

Vanessa Wallace

United Kingdom

Don’t worry about making the wrong decision, make the decision right. If you truly want to move forward, don’t worry about making the right decision. Commit first and make the decision right. So say β€˜Yes’. Trust yourself, trust Carl, trust that the results will come and go for it! Life is too short.”

Will Aylward


Why this training?

At the beginning of this year I thought carefully about what makes me really happy in my practice. What I love to do most. How who I am and what I am could get even more space in my company. The answer is giving trainings and sharing knowledge.

That's why this training is 1 day of intensive work on your mindset, the foundation of your practice, your future. You get my proven knowledge, I'm going to challenge, tickle and stretch you. Have a good honest look at yourself.  And live with the audience, the real interaction. Love it!

I know what the power of 1 hour is with me. I also know that a 1-day training is more than twice as effective. Out of your daily routine, working on your practice, immersing yourself, consciously choosing. That's where the magic happens!

The core of this training: mindset, inspiration, knowledge, networking, connection and an action plan!


I know what I have invested to acquire my knowledge and thus make my success a reality. By sharing this valuable knowledge with you, the value of this training is priceless. If you really get started with what we cover during this day, you can earn back this training in no time. In multiples. Proven!

The price for attending this day is only € 47. Which is still a bargain for what you get. You know my worth. 1 Day for this amount is something you shouldn't even have to think about. So book your ticket right now! On August 1, the price will go up to € 67.


Saturday 27 August 2022 from 09:30 – 16:30

There is room for around 40, so don't wait too long to order your ticket because full = full!


Virtual online in the comfort of your own home

What's not included in the price?

  • I don't have a lot of patience for rude people and know-it-alls. So don't count on me if I notice that you're fooling yourself with why you haven't started yet.
  •  We won't dance, we won't hug. Although I do love to surround myself with people with good energy and big dreams. You won't have to have your chakras aligned before you join, but be might guest if it helps you. Just be you, and I'll be me. Simple and authentic. That's how I like to do things 😊.
  • No Complicated crap. I don't teach topics like funnel optimisation or how to get the highest conversion from your webinars. Complete nonsense at your current stage. I want you to come away from the training with a concrete plan and practical tools to achieve your goals and vision.

What you get?

  • A treasure chest of ideas and inspiration of what is possible for you, and the confidence to make it a reality.
  • A clear vision of where you want to take your practice, a strategy that is aligned with it, and an even stronger commitment to that goal.
  • An action plan to get started immediately, because the best actions are taken within 24 hours.
  • You will have made the choices that are important to you and your future, even if they give you the shivers, knowing that fear is simply excitement without the breath.
  • After the training, you'll know exactly what you have to do to make your goals a reality. You'll say goodbye to the excuses that hold you back, and move forward powerfully.
  • You have an entrepreneurial mindset. You answer to everything that happens from this day forward will be 'no problem'. You'll have control of yourself, your practice, your turnover and even your life.
  • Focus and an abundance of energy. You'll leave fully charged and ready to rock!

- I still have to start my practice, is this for me?

You bet! I see it the same as the question; "Do I need driving lessons to drive a car?" Yes! Of course! Many coaches and therapists start their practice without knowing what entrepreneurship actually means. That's like opening a hair salon and realising on the day of opening that you don't even know how to cut and style hair.

So yes, this training is for you too!

- I've had my practice for a while, is this for me?

You bet! I have had people in the training who already had a turnover of € 40,000 and who came to me afterwards and said 'I wish I had followed this training earlier'. It will save you some frustrating and expensive learning moments. In addition, I probably generate more turnover than you do because I believe that you can always learn something from someone.

So yes, this training is for you too!

- I've already done a training with you.

Great, you're also very welcome. In any case, you have already experienced the value of my knowledge and also know how much you value you get from me. If you've ever attended a training or retreat, then you know what to prepare for πŸ™‚

For example, if you followed my online training 'Build a thriving practice in 90 days' or attended my retreat "Wealthy Coach", then this is a super addition. I know that there are many people who come for a 'refresher' and so I make sure that this training is a great addition and not just a repetition. The biggest difference between this day and my other trainings is that this day is very focused on how it works in practice. Simple, concrete and above all practical. And the things I may repeat; I think you can't hear some things often enough!

LIVE Online

An immersive virtual experience – full day of proven strategies,
concrete tips & practical tools for creating a better business and a bigger impact (all from the comfort of your own home)


Carl Brooks is an international lifestyle entrepreneur, business mentor and founder of the Retreats Academy. He has more than 20 years experience in marketing, communication and coaching, creating more than $800 million in sales per year.

Carl provides structured and guidance to create and grow your business. For many of Carl's students, the balance of business and mindset is the key to their success. You'll learn EXACTLY that in the Retreats Academy program to create, market and profit from a retreat business with joy and ease. You can do this!

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