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You’d think that my fascination with the law of attraction would make me an eager believer in mind over matter.
The truth is… I’m a bit of a skeptic.
To me, the law of attraction seems a credulous, cosmic cash machine.
Too good to be true.
And, until the day that I can simply spontaneously think an object or result into being, I believe my skepticism is justified.
Yet, I’ve recently started to notice how science and spirituality appear to be converging, like two spokes of the same wheel.
So, last week I decided to put the law to the test.
I sat comfortably on my couch and closed my eyes.
I envisioned myself standing on stage at a conference I had organized, while delivering valuable content the attentive audience of ideal clients.
I was ready for the law to do it’s manifesting magic.
But, something wasn’t right.
I noticed a discontent between my current reality and the vision, as if my current reality wasn’t enough.
I felt a discord of energy between lack and abundance
The more I focused on the vision, the more I felt uncomfortable.
I got to thinking about how the distance between our current and expected realities can cause suffering in the form of disappointment, sadness, anger etc.
More importantly, I considered what I could do to dissolve the discord and return my energy to a more effective state of joy and gratitude.
Below, I share 4 tips to turn disappointment in delight:

1.> Notice the lessons and opportunities to improve do better. What can you do differently? What can you let go of? Accept the paradox of manifesting your vision and the unattachment to the outcome – allow the divine universe to do its magic on its terms.

2.> Shift your focus from what’s not working to what’s going well in each aspect of your life: health, relationships, work and spirituality. Note how far you have come on your journey and all you have achieved or overcome.

3.> Keep a daily gratitude journal to centre yourself in appreciation. Know that you are being provided for and that gratitude is the birth place of happiness.

4.> Reach out to friends and family. We’re wired for love and connection. In our sharing, we offer others the gift to listen to, help and support us. Valuable feedback, new ideas and encouragement often arise through conversations with our loved ones.

As always, I’d love to hear from you in the comments below. Specifically, how you overcome disappointment to restore the joy & gratitude life and business.

With love & gratitude,



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