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I love my coaching calls with divers groups of (starting) coaches. They are so involved and ask such good questions.

In this case someone asked: How do I choose a business name?

What is a great questions.

At the end of the day t

he name of your business

doesn’t matter that much.

What does matter is

your mission statement

and the way that

you position yourself.


At the moment I position myself with the tag line: “Online business made clear.”

Or for example: “I empower entrepreneurs with the right tools & strategies to create a successful business,”


Don’t get too hung up

on names of

businesses or programs.

They can get little

rabbit holes that

we can get lost in. 


Are you spinning the wheels in your head about what to call your business?

Here’s how to pick a name (or tagline) for your business and not get lost in the rabbit hole?

Step 1. Spend a few hours getting ideas

Step 2. Ask colleagues or friends what resonates with them

Step 3. Pick the one you like & go with it. 

Watch this video for inspiration to handle this once and for all.

I hope this question and the answer were helpful to you and your business. Leave a comment I would love to hear your insights.

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Carl xo

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How do I choose a business name or tagline is crucial to your business, but I don’t want you to get lost in it. As an entrepreneur there’s so much other stuff to do.