You Can Do More Than You Think.

In a world that is becoming more and more crowded with experts, gurus, coaches and consultants, one thing is certain…

Most won’t make it.

The top 2% is hugely successful, the next 8% earns a lot of money, the next 10% earns a decent living and the bottom 80% continues to struggle for years with barely a penny to show for it.

This “bottom 80%” isn’t any less worthy than the top.

Indeed, it could well be that a large part of it is BETTER than the top 20%, but no one really knows.

Many have professional photos on their website and social media.

Many have the perfect tagline on their Facebook and Linkedin profile.

Many have a beautiful and expensive website.

Many attend seminars, hoping for the golden tip or a fix of their “limiting mindset”.

Even a “giveaway” made with “7 Tips to _____”.

Yet income remains illusive.

And they wonder if “success” will ever come.

But here lies the problem:

They do not value their value.

They feel uncomfortable charging for their wisdom and expertise.

They do not understand that clients only get real results when they are invested.

They don’t see that increasing their income will increase their reach – and they’ll be able to help more and more people with their gifts.

They are too much in their giving hearts.

And they are afraid to stand in their worth.

They don’t dare to do what their business is clearly asking them to do.

The result?

They stagnate or even worse, they give up and the world loses out.

In this week’s episode of CarlBTV, I share some key strategies to build a healthy relationship with earning an income with your gifts to change lives.

The fact is your life experiences, knowledge and wisdom are valuable.

Watch this week’s episode and then leave a comment below and let me know how you hold yourself back from charging for your gifts or share your strategies to build a better relationship with earning an income while changing lives.

Remember, by helping our clients to invest in themselves, we help them commit to getting the results they desire.

With joy & gratitude,



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