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Mayday! Mayday! Coach going down.

I recently created a successful post on Facebook and it’s something I want to share with you, because I believe it could apply to your aspirations to start and grow your business:

“Why You Want To Follow Through?…

I’ve seen it so many times. Wonderful people who want to start their own coaching or consultancy business.

It’s totally clear what they want: TO HELP OTHERS WITH THEIR CHALLENGES. But when to comes to overcoming their own challenges to start a business of their dreams, many find it difficult to be vulnerable and seek expert help and a proven plan from someone who has already it. 

This got me to thinking…


When it comes to getting

expert guidance to grow

meaningful & profitable

business that creates

great income & freedom,

why so many dismiss it? 


The truth is, no one can build a successful business on their own. We all need help from someone who is further up the ladder and whose energy and support inspires is to quit pussyfooting around, step up, become a leader.

Look. I’m no guru or know-all. But I am a few years ahead of where you are with a wealth of experience and expertise to help you get where you want to be. I can say with my hand on my heart that I practice everything I teach and my team and I have dealt with hundreds of challenges first hand to build our successful, international coaching business 

What I know for sure is that when challenges come your way and you’re not sure where to start, know that successful entrepreneurs base their decisions not on their current situation, but on where they want to be.


Where do you want to be?


Your vision to grow a

meaningful business you love,

make great income

and be free forever,

is the reason why I’m

sending you this message.

It’s my wish to inspire

you to follow through and

make your vision reality!


You have special gifts of empathy and compassion that the world really needs, right now.

I know in every fiber of being that I can help you create and grow a meaningful and profitable coaching business, if you let me.

So, I’m taking a stand for your vision to create a successful coaching business with an invitation to consider the following options to help me help you.

1) The Wealthy Coach Retreat to start a successful coaching business & get clients quickly. You can check out this successful event in South Africa here, and our extra luxurious retreat in Tuscany, Italy here….

2) Our all new training “Create Online Business Academy” (COBrA) to start an exciting and profitable online business that you love making money with who you are and what you know.

3) Private one-on-one coaching or group-coaching packages.


I’ve realised

I CAN do it

on my own.

I just CAN’T

do it alone.


I need guidance and support to lift my business up to the next level. And when I’ve reached that level I need to lift my business up to an even higher level. That is entrepreneurship!

If you want set up a friendly call with me to hear more details about our trainings, apply for a spot or have any questions? I’m here for you. Simply, contact me at or set up a direct call with me in my calendar by clicking here.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Supporting your success,

Carl xo