No matter what you’re focused on creating right now, I’m sure you’ll like today’s episode of CarlB TV.

We’re answering a question from a reader struggling with fear and self-doubt in her business.

She asks….

How do you promote your business (your products, services, vision, etc.) when you don’t have the confidence in yourself?

The truth is: this applies to anyone, entrepreneur or not, who must share and express their vision, their beliefs and their work regularly.

Particularly, on days when your self-confidence pulls you down.

Given I have personal experience with this too, I wanted to share 3 tips to keep you focused and away those doubting gremlins.

There are three sincere ways to direct your mind on what’s working and what you can do about it, while still getting your desired results. I think it makes good sense to have these in your confidence kit ☺

Once you’ve had a chance to watch, I’m curious….

1. What specific times do you feel the most fear and self-doubt on your creative journey?
2. What do you do to keep believing in your business (or work/project/etc.) especially during those times when you’re having a tough time believing in yourself?

Thank you, as always, for reading, watching and sharing with such enthusiasm!

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