Fill your cup with your passion to change lives.

Does this resonate with you?

For many, starting their own business can be a daunting prospect. The question of where to begin and whether they have the capability, holds them back right from taking the first steps and the steps that follow.

Let’s face it; fear is the biggest killer of dreams.

Maybe you’re afraid of failure, or looking vulnerable and incompetent to others. Perhaps you’re afraid that you’re too inexperienced, under-qualified or lacking in confidence.

Maybe you feel you’re not clear, focused, smart, ____________ (fill in the blank) enough.

Many are afraid to take the leap into entrepreneurship and leave behind a steady income of a day job that provides for them and their loved ones. They’re also afraid to stay where they are. After all, there’s a cost to everything – even standing still and stagnating.

If fear has stopped you from living life on your terms and starting a business you love, this CarlBTV is for you.

You’ll learn four steps to get clear on your ideas and leverage your strengths to make it happen – especially if you have the tendency to let doubt and fear get in the way.

After watching, let me know if you’re procrastinating on a big business dream and how you can use the strategies in today’s episode to kickstart your success on your terms.

Sometimes we lose track of our dreams and aspirations. Perhaps life just got in the way and has left us feeling disillusioned.

Or maybe we’re simply at the mercy of daily chores and obligations and can’t even imagine making time for our self or our dreams.

Here’s the thing:

You are solely responsible for living your best life.

The truth is, we’re all here for a finite time on this planet. It’s our duty to listen to the voice of the heart and express our soul’s purpose.

Think about it. As you close your eyes for the last time, do you want your final thought to be of fulfillment or regret? The choice to determine the outcome is ours – right now.

Remember. If you’d like to transform your life and live your full potential, while doing what you love, I hope today’s CarlBTV will inspire you.



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