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We all know that no one can build a business on one’s own.

If there’s one thing I’m certain of it’s that there’s NO way I would have lasted this long with the person you’re going to read from today.

He is an accredited yoga and meditation teacher.

He is my hero and husband, as well as my business and spiritual partner, JJ.

Not only does JJ help me to take care of our social media presence, he’s also great at taking initiative.

That’s why, this week I’m handing him the pen to him, so that he can share with you some amazing insights.

Here’s JJ…

Recently, Carl and I set up the Facebook Group “Wealthy Coach Crusade”. Yesterday, I asked the members, who are awesome, hard working coaches and healers, “Which limiting beliefs hold you back?”

For many, the responses will be recognisable:

– “I’m not good enough
– I don’t have the time
– I’m not qualified
– I’m not worthy. I don’t deserve this
– Why would people listen to me?
– I’m a fraud.
– I always fail, so I’d better not start.
– I never finish a project.
– And more….”

Wow! These are coaches and healers who serve others. Clearly, I had assumed that coaches and healers were themselves free of limiting beliefs. I guess that’s where my own limiting belief of “I’m not good enough” came in. 😉

Many of us have similar thoughts that keep us small.

I guess it’s that whole ego thing; it has evolved to stay alert to danger.

Today, predators are few, but still the ego wants to keep us safe and small.

For me, it feels like the ego refuses to evolve and support the will of the heart.

Change in both life and business requires risk-taking, but that’s not to say that change is dangerous.

Through change come growth, fulfilment, excitement, satisfaction, happiness and much more.

The ego fears.

The heart loves.

How to tackle your own limiting beliefs?

The ego asks repeatedly, “Am I safe? Am I safe?” and responds with fear to change.

So whenever you’re afraid to try something new, typically there is a conflict between love and fear.

The truth is…

Fear doesn’t rely on logic or the heart. It is a mechanism, instinctive and instant. It doesn’t care about free will. It cares about safety. Fear makes one decision – fight or flight.

Love, however, nurtures and supports free will. It guides it. And whatever your decision, it will support it every way. It won’t run away. It’s always there waiting for you to invite it in.

We are spiritual beings on a human journey. We all have egos, cultivated by our upbringing, culture and experiences.

With awareness of our limiting beliefs comes the first step to changing and influencing them.

That’s where my ‘observe, accept and tackle-strategy’ comes into play.

– Observe your behaviour. When are you fearful? When are you in conflict? Recognise your limiting belief.
– Accept your limiting belief. Resist playing the victim! There’s no reason to feel sorry for yourself or to complain. It’s okay. No need to dwell on the past.
– Tackle with love. Invite positive thoughts. See the bigger picture with compassion. Balance fear with love.

Here’s how I tackle my limiting beliefs and balance my fear with love:

Each of us has our own unique way of balancing fear with love. Having worked with many tools over the years, I would definitely advise to try the following:

– Meditation
– Prayer
– Positive affirmations
– Mirror work
– Gratitude
– Breathing exercises
– Yoga
– Journaling

Just to name a few.

I offer help and guidance on these tools. If you were interested to learn more, I’d love to hear from you at:

After reading all the answers the coaches and healers of the Facebook group gave me, what came to mind was the following affirmation to dissolve fear…

“I am not alone.”

Sharing this affirmation in this group gave me a warm feeling of connection, safety, worthiness and support.

I feel safe to ask my questions and be vulnerable so I can grow and live each day to the max.

Join the Facebook group here

Without change the world would not turn. I understand that sometimes I need a friendly push with a likeminded group to keep moving forward. 😉

I’d love to hear how you handle limiting beliefs.

Let me know in the comments below.

Much love, JJ





JJ Van Zon
Spiritual Coach

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