Fill your cup with your passion to change lives.

In 2013 after I survived a life threatening disease (a brain abscess) I wasn’t the same guy anymore and I remember when I was wheeled into surgery seeing all the stuff I regretted flashing by.


When I woke up

I immediately vowed

I would never experience

that feeling again. 


So in 2015 I was healed and ready to spread my wings and fly. I said goodbye to my safe corporate job and embarked on the adventure working as a life and business coach, and at a Tuscan wedding of friends I suddenly got the idea to organise a retreat. Tuscany felt as such a magical place and when I shared my idea with my hubby JJ, he was immediately enthusiastic.

From Juli till October that year we organised and worked our butts off fill the retreat with people. To get the skills we invested in a Transformational life and heart-centered business coach from America, Jennifer Jimenez. And with her help we pulled it off.


Three months after the idea

we welcomed six wonderful ladies

from USA, Canada, Spain,

Germany, South Africa & Abu Dhabi. 


Jennifer joined this retreat and told us as she was leaving that JJ and I organised something special. We felt it too. The ladies felt it, and that’s why we decided to do another. 

In 2016 we organised two more retreats at this beautiful estate that was exclusively for us. The third retreat we had two guests from South Africa again. We got a lot of attention from this amazing country, so we decided to spread our wings and fly a little further.


In 2017 we organised

our first retreat in

Johannesburg, South Africa. 


In fact in that year we organised four retreats. Two in South Africa and two at a new gorgeous venue in Tuscany, Italy. We repeated that amount of retreats for 2018 and we offered a brand new retreat, called Retreats Academy where we shared in 3 intensive days how to organise your own retreats, workshops and events. 

This year I am focused on getting an online version of the retreat curriculum that I call COBRA (Create Online Business -retreats- Academy)

Check out this promotional video where I explain what the retreat is about, followed by testimonials of participants that joined us the past few years. 



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