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I can get nervous when I make a presentation in front of people. My heart may race and want to flee the room.That’s why I recently took a presenting course to improve my confidence on stage.In fact, I learned a valuable lesson to be fearless when speaking in front of others from my teacher Joni that I share with you in the video below.If the video serves you then I’d love to hear from you with your own tips for giving a killer presentation.Leave a reply below. I’d love to hear from you.Love,Carl BrooksBusiness Growth CoachClick on the video below: everyone, this is Carl Brooks.I want to tell you something that happened to me and share it with you because I think it might me of value as well.I’ve been following this course on presenting. Presenting in front of the camera or in front of colleagues or friends. Something that you may be able to use as well.One thing I enjoy about this particular course is our fabulous teacher Joni. Each lesson that we have, she introduces a different theme for us to work with.Now, this week’s theme was authenticity.She asked the group, “What is authenticity? What does it take to stand in front of a group and just be yourself?”Of course we said, “Sincerity” and “Honesty.”She said, “Listen, authenticity is also being able to say ‘Yes’ to yourself, before you get up and stand in front of everybody.”Saying yes to yourself means saying goodbye to your fear, accepting who you are and what you have to say in your message.It means you’re allowed to stand here. You say ‘Yes’ to yourself. You build your confidence. You loose your fear. And with that saying ‘Yes’ to yourself, as you present yourself, your esteem also goes up.It makes you more relaxed and allows you to bring your message across in a more constructive and positive way.So my challenge for you this week is to go ahead and in all situation where you have to present yourself in some way or another, that you first say ‘Yes’ to yourself.Yes, I’m allowed to do this. Yes, I’m going to be good. And yes, I’m also allowed to make mistakes, if that’s what it takes because yes, I’m allowed to be imperfect.Learn to say yes in all situations.Now I’m very curious to know how you say yes to yourself this week and what your experiences are.So leave a message here below and share your experiences with me.I always love to hear from you.Love,Carl BrooksBusiness Growth Coach