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The Secret Mindset To List Building

In the gung ho of starting a business, you’d think that making money with our offerings should be the priority above list building.


The truth is, if we don’t have a quality list to which to communicate an offer, then we don’t have a viable business. Playing to an empty house just doesn’t cut it. I learned this the hard way.


Quality list building isn’t just about collecting email addresses. It’s about building and nurturing a relationship with the people who have put their trust in us. It’s also about developing the “know, like and trust” factor with them: getting real, being authentic and transparent about who we are, what we do and why we do it. This way, when we lift the curtain on our offerings, all eyes are beaming in delight and anticipation.


People buy who we are. They buy our vision, our values, our style and our sincerity. They buy how we make them feel, who we aspire them to become and the results we can help them achieve, even if we have a lot of competition in our niche. Having our own quality list is a total game changer in our business. And we don’t need 10,000 people on our list to make money.


This list building article is for you if you:

  • Have been in business for a year and have less than 3000 on your email list.
  • Haven’t put a focus on list building.
  • Aren’t attracting the right people; you’re list isn’t converting.
  • Are struggling with confidence to build your list.
  • Are feeling less than and comparing yourself to others in your field.
  • Have experienced less than expected results from the your offerings.
  • Are in it for the long hall (not looking to get rich quick) and are passionate about your coaching business.


When I first started my coaching business, I thought that every other opportunity was more important than building my list: 1 on 1 coaching, guest posts, podcast interviews etc. I thought that these would put me on the map. But this kept me away from what I really needed to do – list building.


If we let our ego want these other opportunities, they will take our attention and we make excuses for not building our list. I know this because I lived it. One of my first opportunities was a webinar presentation about the value of group coaching. I included an offer to join my group-coaching program. The presentation was packed with value. There was one problem; I didn’t have a list to promote it to. The webinar tanked and my confidence was in the toilet.


I wondered whether I would have to return to working in the corporate world. What would people think? But we’re not going to let that happen to you. So, let’s look at where you might be making excuses for not building your list?


  • What are you doing now (projects and actions items) that is more important and taking your attention away from list building?


  • Where is your ego showing up in your business that could be distracting you from list building? E.g. Redesigning your website, creating beautiful images and photography or spending time on social media.


  • Which excuses may be sneaking in and taking you away from list building? My excuse was that I needed to generate revenue, so I poured my hearted and time into creating programs without an audience.

When we are driving your business forward because we’re afraid that we’re not going to make enough money, I don’t think we’ll ever love the work we’re doing and we’ll always put things ahead of what’s most important of building a foundation as an entrepreneur – your list.


So let’s look at two excuses: money and time. If you’re pressed for time, like a full time mum or working 9-5, I’d rather you stop selling right now and just focus on list building. I encourage you to push past the fear of missing out of an opportunity. Start building your list. Own this task. And watch the doors open.


It’s important to understand what list building will do for your business. Having a quality list, guarantees that you will always have the opportunity to generate revenue in your business and have the freedom, flexibility and economic independence you desire.


And isn’t that a wonderful way to live and run a business you love!


Coming soon: The List Building Tactics Of Successful Solopreneurs.


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- Carl


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