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It’s Saturday afternoon here in The Netherlands and I’m about ready to take a run along the windmill-lined Amstel River.

It’s my reward for a week on studying, seminars and coaching sessions.

While I was studying, I realized something interesting. I LOVE libraries. Let me explain...

Most people simply browse the bookshelves.

Me? First I find a desk in the middle of the library where the musky air of written words is most concentrated.

The rows of books remind of what is possible with a little focus and dedication.

And no, I just don’t read books there.

I write content for my blog or newsletter.

Getting my thoughts onto paper is a fun way to get clear in my mind.

That way, I stay out of overwhelm.

80% of the thoughts we had yesterday, we will have again today.

It’s all about removing unnecessary crap from our minds.

Another reason why I am so passionate about libraries is that the open space and high ceiling expands my consciousness.

This awareness opens my mind to new ideas and let’s me get super creative.

Think about it.

We all have crazy shit going on in our heads.

But when we enter a large open space like a park, a town square or a library hall, our awareness expands with it and we feel less confined.

For me, being at the library and in the presence of the work of a thousand authors is a huge motivation.

I feel inspired to get things done.

Lucky for me, my library serves great coffee and has free Internet, so I can backup my work or consult online resources instantly.

So if you want to strengthen your “creative muscles” and get a little clarity, don’t delay.

Get your buns out in the open space today! Uh-hum, you know what I mean.

Alrighty then...I’m off for a run along the river. Have a beautiful day and I’ll talk with you again soon.

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Carl Brooks

Business Growth Coach

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