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I was walking in the park yesterday afternoon talking with a friend about what’s happening in her new career in coaching.

She is hosting an upcoming event and is looking for a small group of women to participate.

She was grateful for those who had already signed up to attend. Still, she felt a little anxiety around filling the event. Can you relate?

Then, she focused within and reminded herself to enjoy the journey.

What she said next made my heart sing…

“We learn so much on this creative journey. We create something and it doesn’t always turn out as expected.  

But as you know, some things come very smooth and some things come from a little bit of a different angle, and it all depends on how you are going to deal with it.

We need to be open to see it with a new light and ask…

…What is this bringing to me?

One of the main gifts is the connection among the participants and that they keep there friendship long after the retreat.

 There are specific people that need to be together in the group. For that reason, the size matters. Each group of participants rarely contains more than ten people.

 There’s an intimacy.”

I love her wise words, and how they relate to my experience of organising retreat programs.

And, I’m constantly amazed how it all comes together. People, whom I’ve never met, sign up and take a leap of faith in the process, in me and in themselves. It’s amazing!

“We colour in the world with bright colours, because there is so much darkness, so we are colouring it in brighter”, she added.

So, it’s so exciting to be returning to Tuscany this week to hold our 6th Wealthy Coach Retreat and again to South Africa in October.

If you’re curious, watch out for plenty of pics and live broadcasts on my Facebook page.

Have you ever had to choose between focusing on ongoing anxiety and surrendering to the enjoyment of the journey? How did you think through that decision and what steps did you take to make it work?

Let me know in the comments below.

I’m excited to hear your perspective on this because, whatever you’re choosing to focus on right now or not, there’s one thing I’m sure about:

All progress starts with making a courageous decision.

Much love,

Carl xo

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