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The 3 Ingredients For A Successful Social Media Funnel - by Neil Patel

"The key to taking a Big Step is to take several small steps”.


Gone are the days of flashing headlines and flamboyant offers. Traditional lead generation focused on volume and spamming fail. Banner blindness is real and consumers are smart. It’s time to make a change to your inbound approach.


The point of any effective marketing campaign is to show why your product or service is an investment to your customer.


Yet, most companies are still selling their services and products like everyone else. They’re crafting ‘deals’, giving discounts, and packaging it with a bow-tie. Honestly, there is no need.


The clients you want will pursue your offer if they know the benefits of doing so.


Thus, the goal of marketing should be about consumer education. You don’t need to sell to them, just teach them about your solution and how it will help them. They can make the obvious choice for themselves, and you should let them.


And really, - it’s only after the education process is done that sales will start to happen.


There is an easier way.


Our methods have generated over $2.3 million gross for our customers, and we will now share with you the key ingredients that make our methods powerful.


Digital Marketing is not a flashy spam focused on frequency. Effective digital marketing, or educational marketing as we call it, is the digital marketing that educates. Don’t ask for consultations, don’t make offers, don’t give deals - just teach consumers about your industry, what you do, and how you can help them.


One really good way to do it:

The psychology behind educational marketing

Educational marketing is based off of what we call ‘click psychology’. With social media there is no hard sell as the consumer has full control. Thus, our only goal is to speak to their needs, and we are rewarded by clicks, virtual agreements, for answering their questions. Therefore, we need to know our clients to achieve these clicks. Each click gives subconscious permission to build a relationship.

With educational digital marketing, you give yourself the opportunity to teach prospects about your solution, and provide value along the way. It’s like fishing, with each click acting as a bite on your line. If you feed them what they want, eventually they will come to you.


Applying click psychology to a social media funnel allows for your to soft sell clients in the form of micro commitments. Your ad needs to speak to a pain or problem they experience, and you want to tell them the answer is on your landing page. The first click is the first step in a series of steps leading to the value added gift in exchange for their contact information and the system builds from there. Build as many steps as you need to earn their trust. Then the client will step towards you. With social media, you can enact this process and build a relationship with them on autopilot.


The last part of the trifecta is relevancy. With click psycology as your edge and micro commitments as your validation for success, the relevancy of your content acts as the fuel for your funnel.

When all three are in unison, you get an all powerful, automated system.

How to Get Started

When you build your funnels, ask if your content is relevant to your clients pain. Then ask how many steps you’d need for the client to reach out to you, even if that is not the goal, and understand what incentivizes a click.

Want to see a boost in your sales? Want to change the world through your product or service? Want to make big bucks on autopilot?

Then start educating your clients. Your bottom line will love you for it.


Education is Marketing and Marketing is Education.

By line: Neil Patel is the Lead Consultant and Client Education Expert at Solar Sell Marketing (http://solarsellmarketing.com) and co-founder of The Travel Academy (http://thetravelacademy.org/)


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