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I want to share my philosophy for living a fulfilling life in 2018 and beyond.

The full version would take about 20 minutes to read, so I’ll be brief.

I care deeply about people. But when I look around me, I see many are unfulfilled in a job that no longer serves them or are trying to run a business that doesn’t allow the highest expression of their soul.

This saddens me, more so because I used to be one of them.

For 25 years, I worked in the corporate world. Sure, I did my job well, but I knew I could do so much more than what my fancy job title suggested. And like many, I’d become an expert at numbing the subtle calling of my soul – to change lives.

I’d settled for a comfortable level of living, rather than living a full authentic life at my genius level.

Here’s the thing…

If you think that comfortable living is expensive, try numbing.

Eventually, my soul rebelled…

I woke up one morning with the left side of my body paralysed. Doctors found an abscess the size of a small golf ball in my brain that was crushing my nervous system. After 3 months of treatment, I made a full recovery.

It was a period of reflection on how I was living my life. I was one of the lucky ones who had such a huge wake up call.

But not everybody gets a wake up call. Too often, they let life lead them rather than take the leap of faith that is required for growth. It’s not their fault. Childhood, culture and society prepare kids for industry, not for inspired living on their terms.

Add to that all the outdated and generic information out there – turning entrepreneurship into a commodity of handed-down strategies and a popularity contest.

Not on my watch!

Here’s the thing…

Few people can create a full authentic life on their own. It’s kept deliberately out of reach so that we learn to become the person to attain it.

And, what’s more important than living a full authentic life?

That’s why, we need to make cultivating an authentic life (and business) a priority during the short time we are here and get the right guidance to make it happen.

Say “No” to numbing and take a stand for the authentic life that is calling you.

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Much love,

Carl xo

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