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When we can't let go of the past we can never completely reach for the future.
Perhaps, you’ve noticed that the more "baggage" we bring from the past, the more difficult it is to really grow – no matter how many inspirational TED talks we watch or personal development books we read.
The truth is…
Until we resolve past baggage, we will be constantly pulled down, when we actually want to take off.
Think of it as a hot air balloon with too much weight, which will remain on the ground. You can keep on pumping gas into the balloon, but it’s going to take a lot of work to get the balloon in the air and keep it there.
We can never rise to the level where we want to go, if we carry all the past baggage with us. When we dump the baggage weight, the balloon will lift off the ground with ease and continue to rise.
The key is to change our perception of how we experience past events.
Here are four steps that successful people say to themselves to change their perception and rise to the top:

1. Acknowledge

Yes, this happened to me.” View the situation and the role that you played in it, objectively.

2. Reflect

Yes, these are the lessons learned.” What can I take away from this? What has it shown me about the human spirit as well as my own strength and resilience?

3. Vision

Who do I want to be?” As we go through life, we often continue to seek validation that we are enough and that everything is ok. When we let go of this outer need and focus on the inner voice of the heart and what it wants to bring forward into the world, we can reconnect with who we are and who we want to be.

4. Action

This is what I have to learn to get there.” Which skills can I learn, which tools do I need and who can help me?


By recognising how past baggage holds us back and working through it, we can overcome our past and rise up to our full potential.

In the comments below, let us know your lessons learned from your past and what you would like to learn to get there.

Much love,

Carl xo

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