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Watch what clients say about working with Carl

Here’s what more clients say about working with Carl:

“Carl & JJ, I just wanted to express my gratitude to you for your teachings, inspiration, guidance and unwavering support.

Thanks to all the above my first workshop on Saturday went off so well. It was a great success and I loved every minute of it. It is my intention to make this the first of many more.

Attending the retreat in Tuscany has been a turning point in my life. I am extremely grateful for the opportunity you gave.”

Yolande Olhaus

Johannesburg, South Africa

“I met Carl in October 2015 in Tuscany at his retreat. In just one year, I have experienced incredible changes in my business, my personal growth, and my relationships. I made progress, but the most vivid changes I have experienced in my business have been since I hired Carl as my 1:1 business coach beginning in May 2016.

Carl’s compassionate and encouraging, yet realistic, support has enabled me to grow from financially struggling coach and music teacher, to growing a coaching business that is on the cusp of an explosion. With his support, I have expanded my social media engagement, I have created my first online training program, and I am about to launch my own first retreat this December.

He has helped to shape my outlook as an Entrepreneur, bringing me back to reality when my head was in the clouds, and also lifting me up when I needed the support. He is also very smart. He calls me out (in a supportive way) when I need it but also provides an experienced perspective that encourages my personal and business growth.”

Jennifer Lang

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

“Hi Carl, I signed two business coaching clients for four weeks yesterday! My second appointment with them and I am so excited. Also signed a life coaching client on Saturday, also for four weeks! You have transformed my life, vision and business. I love you to the sky! Thank you for everything.”

Karin Laing

Gauteng, South Africa

“Carl, Thank you for being a key, an answer, a serendipitous savior.

You have provided the tools for creating a systematic business.

You provided an opportunity to open myself to vision. And you introduced intimate and valuable connections across the world.

Thank you for finding a way to integrate your fantastic mind with your essential heart and bringing me on board for the Tuscany experience.

You are a master.”

Natalie Scott

Salt Lake City USA

I have a confession to make. My business accounts were in a mess. A real mess. The more I thought about sorting them out, the more I dreaded the task. The more I considered what the Tax Office would do, the less inclined I was to talk to it.

Last night I joined the 10th day of the challenge and Carl talked focus. Real focus. Now I’ve always prided myself on my ability to focus and clients often remark on it. Yet the reality is that focus hasn’t extended to the engine room of my business, and recent health challenges have made sorting it out seem almost impossible.

So this morning I got up, meditated, checked my appointments, considered doing more Carl homework, then took a deep breath and started:

  • phone plan sorted (they owed me!)
  • Internet plan closed (I found a better one)
  • Accounts compiled, new nearby accountant contacted, visited, under way with him!!!! (yay!!!!)
  • Tax Office contacted (they owe me – bigger yay)
  • Mounds of nagging paper and perceived threat now removed from desk (deep relieved sigh)

The result: a fresh energy and perspective to make informed, positive choices about what the new financial year just 2 weeks away holds for Helen Ryan.

Thank you Carl Brooks – every day has been valuable but for some reason last night’s challenge really resonated.

Helen Ryan

Queensland, Australia

“Carl, I can’t quantify how much value our work was to identify who I am at my core and to then match that with an ideal client profile and perfect niche.

Finally, seeing the missing link was like opening the curtains of a dark room to find glorious sunshine and blue sky outside.

A huge weight has been lifted from my shoulders and I already feel a shift in energy.

I can’t wait to get started working on my business with my new focus.”

Yvonne Smith

Warrington UK

“Thank you Carl Brooks. For this great. Inspiring and very real and practical course. I liked the steps that you set out and in the order they came, plus the challenges you set. This made me think in real terms of where I can go and very much what I have wasted time on. Best bits of information you gave me, “If you talk to everyone no one will hear you” “don’t wake up and follow someones Facebook or other social media and waste time, these are not your mindset and much time will be wasted”. I still have work to do and catch on a few things, however, I will complete this great course. I would recommend this course to anyone who thinks, they all ready have it and yet the small details they will learn are amazing. Thank You again.”

Gary Sellors

London UK

“Discouraged after struggling for nearly 6 years to really generated a income from my business I was ready to call it quits.

Then by what I believe now could only have been divine intervention, I saw your advert for the 10 Day Business Clarity Challenge.

When I started on this challenge I felt like a caterpillar. For the last two weeks I cocoon my self away from the world & fully dedicated my self to this. Today I emerged as a sparkling, full of ideas & energized, beautiful butterfly.

Words can not express my gratitude to you. Thank you from the bottom of my heart Carl Brooks.”

Karin Marsden

Johannesburg, South Africa

“Carl shows himself as a business coach but he’s more than that. He’s perfectly able to ‘sense’ his clients and their needs and is more than flexible in his approach.

He knows that all businesses need a solid soil to build on and works that way. There’s always room for every question you might have ‘along the road’ while working with him. He’s very quick with his answers. So as a client I really felt heard and seen.

Being uncertain during my first steps to re-create and re-energize my business, he gave me confidence and kept showing me that I was ‘on track’. This helped me moving forward and trust my steps.”

Nynke Rinzema

The Netherlands

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