Fill your cup with your passion to change lives.

Back in the day, when I said I was going to create and fill the first, premium business training retreat for ambitious coaches in Italy within 12 weeks, they told me ‘No way, I’d ever pull it off.’
The Result: The retreat sold out with clients from America, Canada, Germany, Spain and South Africa who have since grown their businesses as successful coaches, speakers, presenters, authors and a “woman of influence” award winner.
A year later, when they said I was going to do the same in South Africa,


Even my mentors said

I was INSANE to break

into a new market on

the other side of the world…

The Result: We sold out our coaching business training in Johannesburg in 5 weeks.

And, when I said that there was a simple, systematic, proven plan to grow an audience and who gladly pay for your services and attend your events, people thought that I was one of those marketers make bullshit promises of easy solutions.

The Result: I created EXACTLY that without the guesswork that most coaches have to go through to create clients that pay a fraction of that.

My point?

I promise you, it’s NOT to tell you how cool I am.

But rather, that ‘THEY’ (other people) are not a good indicator of what’s possible.


They (other people)

are not a good indicator

of what’s possible


Not least because what THEY have accomplished is often not even close to what possible.

That’s not an attack, it’s a simple reality that that most of the ideas about what’s possible (or impossible) for people are not objective or rational, but rather, they’re personal opinions based upon what THEY (the people offering their opinion) say is likely and ‘realistic’.

The thing is, I never gave a damn about what was realistic or not.

Not because of conceit or arrogance, but because ‘realistic’ is a subjective judgment based upon whoever is assessing the merits of a thing NOT the TRUE likelihood of a thing happening.

I ‘beat the odds’ in every area from personal coaching, to retreats and workshops, to online education and much, much more because I had something ‘up my sleeve’ that most people don’t.

A philosophy.

A set of principles.

A signature system.

A strategy to promote and deliver it.

A clear way to communicate with my DREAM clients.

A way to ‘sell’ that

wasn’t about selling at all,

but about inviting people

to what they ALREADY wanted.

In other words, ALL the things that most coaches are lacking.

Look, can I be honest for a sec?

Maybe even risk pissing you off a bit?

The truth is, I believe that most coaches are AWESOME people with GOOD hearts and a deep and true intention to do something AMAZING in the world…

…but as a group, they’re AWFUL business people.

They don’t know how to create

a constant and predictable flow

of prospects and clients

from their day-to-day efforts

so they don’t know how to

create a constant and predictable flow

of people that they could HELP.

That’s not just me being judgmental.

Most coaches I speak to (and I speak to a LOT!) tell me they want to make a difference and change the world, yet most are struggling to find even ONE new client to work with them this month, this quarter or (sadly) this year.

So how’s that ‘change the world’ thing ever going to happen?

Short story… it happens through mastering the BUSINESS of being a coach!

See, everyone who told me I couldn’t or wouldn’t achieve each of the goals I mentioned above (and MANY more besides) could only see my ideas through the lens of WANTING.

They DIDN’T have a strategy.
They DIDN’T have a philosophy.
They DIDN’T have principles.
They DIDN’T have a system.
They DIDN’T have a communication strategy.

All they had was hope.

And their hope NEVER delivered for them, so all they REALLY had was doubt.

I want to invite you

into a bigger game.

But only if you’re ready to get past HOPE and move into something more concrete that will allow you to create a constant and predictable stream of clients that truly WANT and NEED your help AND are ready, willing and able to PAY for it.

Look, I’m just a normal guy.

In fact, I’m a kind of weird guy, to be honest. 🙂

But in my weirdness, I’ve done quite a few things and helped quite a few people to accomplish thing they’d only dreamed of doing because I made it an EASY choice to choose ME to help them.

I’ve a feeling that you’re great at what you do too but that you’re struggling to create the opportunity to DO what makes you great, to change lives and to create the impact you know you’re here to create.

If that’s true, then would you let me help you?


My goal is to inspire you

with insights into what it takes

to create truly effective marketing

that attracts the best clients

and gets results.


I won’t promise easy or fast or any of that nonsense but I CAN promise that if you apply what I share with you that you’ll attract, create and serve more of your DREAM clients than you have been up till now.

And hey, if you’re NOT ready then PLEASE create a philosophy, principle, practices, systems and strategies that will make you stand out as the only logical choice for your dream clients to work with, ok?

People need the gifts you have. So make sure you get it to them, ok?

Supporting your success,


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