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This week I’ve been feeling a little disconnected and cut off from my creative juices.When I’m in this mode, I get easily distracted, frustrated and have a subtle feeling that life is passing me by.I get super good at procrastination. I get lost in social media and other diversions.Does this relate with you too?Sure it does, unless you’re a Google robot crawling this blog post. In which case, you’re a happy algorithm. At least you’re focused and living your purpose.I’m a nerd and think stuff like that all the time.My point is…it sucks to be stuck!Can I get an amen?In such times, I turn to Napoleon Hill, author of the 1930’s epic book ‘Think And Grow Rich’.The book does more than to promote a mindset of abundance. It lays out a spiritual path to tapping into your creative power to turn intangible thought into tangible reality.This, he explains, is what the universe is doing all the time, turning intangible energy into tangible matter.When we rely solely on our experience, education and observation, which Hill calls our synthetic imagination, we disconnect.The innovator draws upon an infinite intelligence of creative imagination when he cannot solve his problem through synthetic imagination.Creative imagination is the place through which hunches and inspirations are received and we can tune in to the subconscious mind of other people.The creative mind gets triggered through the emotion of strong desire. When you really want something, you become more alert to the vibrations of creative input.To transform desire to reality, you need a plan.And your plan needs an objective, AKA your desired outcome.When you write your plan, you’ve actually taken the first of a series of steps to convert your desires into its physical form.You’re literally making your dreams come true.So, you’ve guessed it. I made a plan for myself this week. And boy-o-boy, what a difference it has made.This simple act of focusing on my objective everyday keeps me focused and out of Disconnect-Alley.This way, I stay open to input from my creative imagination (ying) and then write a plan to make it happen with my synthetic imagination (yang).I feel balanced and purposeful again, as if crawled by a divine robot.It’s a good place to get a heavenly ranking.Like this article? If so, please share it with your friends.Let me know your top tip for staying connected with your creative side in the comments below. I’d love to hear from you.Love,Carl BrooksBusiness Growth CoachCover photo: Tom