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Do you look at other people’s success with a little jealousy?Are you frustrated at not being as knowledgable, wealthy, popular…fill in the blank…as someone else?Sure, you’re human. We all do it.What if I were to tell you that you’re looking in the wrong direction?Check out this weeks episode on why comparing yourself can be a good thing.Click on the video below: Welcome back!My name is Carl Brooks and this is another episode of Coach Carl: simple life hacks to live life to the max.This week’s subject is about comparing yourself and why sometimes it can be a good thing.Now I have a friend of mine who recently started her own business as a caterer. We were having a conversation last week and she said, “Carl, I’m doing pretty well, but compared to all the other caterers in my field, I don’t have that many clients. And it’s not making me feel so proud of myself.”I said, “Whoa, step back a bit. You’re comparing yourself with many established caterers who’ve been in this field for many many years. The best thing to do is to compare yourself with where you were a year ago and how far you’ve come on this journey.”She said, “You know what? You’re right. When I look back on this past year and how far I’ve come, yeah it makes me feel really good about myself.”“You’re welcome.”And this brings me to this week’s quote and yes you can share it:It’s not how you compare to others, but how far you have come on your journey.I hope this serves you.Leave a comment below to let me know how far you’ve come this past year, from you were to where you are today and what you’ve achieved.I’d love to hear from you.Take care.Love,Carl BrooksBusiness Growth Coach