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Do you ever feel like your life or business isn’t moving as fast as you’d like?

It can feel stressful and frustrating when you're following all the steps to success: staying focused, disciplined and consistent. But, after all your effort — you've got little to show for it. No major wins. No lasting results.

We've all had moments when it seems like our hard work isn't paying off, haven't we?

I most definitely have.

The fact is that 65% of small businesses fold within 5 years, and that saddens me.

You’d think that with instant access to huge amounts of information on the internet and in printed form, we’d be able to excel in every area of life – work, relationships, health and finance.

The problem is that information alone doesn’t guarantee results. It’s what we do with it that counts, and the doing takes time and effort. As a result, we can lose our drive.

We want to feel motivated and fulfilled. But the truth is — we can get massively disappointed at the lack of results.

So what's the secret to making our efforts count? How do we stay genuinely motivated, especially when it doesn't look like we're making any progress?

In this episode, you'll 5 tips that can quickly help you reignite your natural motivation and get better results instead of constantly feeling like you're stuck.

Thank you, as always, for reading, watching and sharing with such enthusiasm!

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